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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so i recently purchased an Asus K53SD notebook at my local CompUSA. I was very excited when i bought it because of the specs a core i7 2670qm, 4gb ddr3 ram (will be upgraded soon), 750gb hdd, beautiful aluminum finish, icecool tech, usb 3.0, and most of all the nVida geforce GT 610m with 2gb of dedicated video ram. So when i first started the computer everything was great until i went in to change the resolution. I went into advanced settings and the adapter that the computer seems to be running on is the intel hd graphics 3000?? I went to the asus site and downloaded drivers for both the intel chipset and the nvida card. Afterwards, I tryed going into the bios to see if i can switch to the 610m but theres no option in the bios for switching display adaptors. Ok i thought ill just go into device manager and disable the intel hd 3000 and i did and rebooted afterwards. When it booted windows aero was not supported and video performance was horrendous even moving windows around caused lag! So i re-enabled the intel hd 3000 and all was fine again.. I downloaded and installed msi afterburner and it recognized the 610m and allowed me to overclock BUT.. under where it should tell you the driver version it was blank.. Now the part im most unhappy about is the performance of the "610m" (which appears to only work when the intel hd 3000 is enabled /: ). In counter strike source in the benchmark i got an average of 121 fps. On another machine (a 2.5 year old samsung r580 the core i5 version laptop) which uses the geforce 310m using the SAME settings on the benchmark it got an average of 154 fps!!!! Im very frustrated at this point with the 610m. How is it that an older card (310m) outperforms it AND by 30ish fps! Personally i think its a driver issue as when the intel hd 3000 is disabled, windows aero is not supported and i can not play games they just crash ( well cs: source does). And the fact that when i start up msi afterburner its unable to tell me the driver version im on. Heres a screencap of what msi afterburner looks like with no driver info: Can anybody please help me? EDIT: Yes ive tryed putting everything on the performance setting on the battery power options, the intel hd 3000 media control panel ( ugh i want the nvida to work), and the nvida control panel even though i feel like those settings do nothing at all. Im also gonna add that yes the intel hd 3000 family graphics does work perfectly fine when i disable the 610m too.
  2. Today over in the NVidia forums ManuelG (forum moderator) said: "As R290 drivers will be ending soon, we would like to have final feedback for this driver branch. Please if you have not done so, please fill out the feedback form below to provide feedback on our R290.36 and R290.53 drivers." He made that comment in the early morning and signed off for the day in the late afternoon. Previously he has said NVidia prefers to release drivers early in the week rather than late in the week. The immediate future seems more predictable right now.
  3. Hi there, I'm quite new to computers, hell i don't even know if I'm posting this in the right forum. Well, here we go: I had a lot of trouble with my Acer 3830 TG Timeline X notebook w/ NVIDIA GeForce 540M. Almost all games I played crashed, this inclkuding not very graphics heavy games like Football Manager and Blood Bowl (a tad more graphics there though). So I googled around to find a solution and ended up doing thing I still have no clue about. I downloaded the LV2GO program and a driver (275.33) that was said to work if I used LV2GO to modify it. Which I did. Anyway, my games still crashed after that and when I tried to bring back the latest NVIDIA driver from their site, the installation program says that my hardware doesn't support that driver (the same driver I had installed before mind you). And before trying to intall the new one a uninstalled the modified one. Well, after some more time on google I find this site (funny that I used "your" program before knowing of the site...) and try a couple more drivers found here. Same story, none of them can be installed. Now i'm without a driver and it says "standard VGA-graphics card" with the notification "this unit cannot be sarted" (excuse my poor translation). Lesson learned, don't try stuff you are completely out of the blue with. So, what did I do to my poor computer? I guess it has something to do with me modifying a driver with LV2GO? Is there any way to just get a nvidia driver running again? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, is anybody able to help me with my driver query? I have an Acer Aspire 7520 laptop with a Geforce 7000M GPU (I am running Windows 7 x64) I am currently running drivers from early 2009 and was wondering if there is anything newer that I can obtain for this, either officially (I've had no luck searching) or on the main search page of LaptopVideo2go? Again I am unable to locate drivers for Windows 7 x64 even when searching using these details: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0533&SUBSYS_01261025 It may be the case there aren't any newer drivers (I'm running but just wondered if I was missing something. Also my GPU temperature is still often very very high (reaching the 90s according to GPU-Z) but is never really below 70. I have Aero and all of the effects turned off and am running Windows in the 'classic' look. I've had the fan out and cleaned it up but there wasn't even much dust in it, so I'm at a loss with this. Any ideas would be great. Many thanks, Alex
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