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Found 3 results

  1. sn0wl

    Intel WIFI drivers

    Intel WLAN 2100, 2200BG, 2915ABG, 3495ABG, 3965ABG Latest generic drivers and comparison charts for Intel Chipset based wireless cards can be found HERE Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software v10.5.0.0 - for 2200BG, 2915ABG, 3945ABG, 3965ABG Driver v10.5.1.57 for 3945ABG Driver v9.0.4.17 for 2200BG/2915ABG Date: 2006-07-21 MultiLanguage and supporting all Windows OS (32bit and 64bit) Size: ~130 MB DOWNLOAD LINK Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software v7.1.4.6 - for 2100 Driver v1.2.4.41 for 2100 Date: 2006-07-28 MultiLanguage and supporting all Windows OS (32bit and 64bit) Size: ~16 MB DOWNLO
  2. Andi_84

    Intel Bluetooth drivers

    New Intel Bluetooth drivers are available. This is an official release, available from Intel's download center. Version: 2.6.1211 Release Date: 21st January 2013 Download links: Windows XPx64: BT_2.6.1211_x64.exe (116 MB) x86: BT_2.6.1211_x32.exe (114 MB) Windows 7x64: BT_2.6.1211_s64.exe (50 MB) x86: BT_2.6.1211_s32.exe (48 MB) Windows 8x64: BT_2.6.1211_e64.exe (49 MB) x86: BT_2.6.1211_e32.exe (47 MB) Supported WLAN- / Bluetooth adapters: Best regards, Andi
  3. [This, including the title, has been c&p'd from my post over at the Intel forum] When attempting to install on my x64 Win7 laptop, the 14.2.0.[1]0 ProSet software and driver bundle seems to be missing the inf for the 4956AGN chipset, although it's stated to be for this hardware. The result is, that the ProSet software installs and leaves whichever driver you had installed previously. This can cause varying incompatibilities between the two. The alternative standalone driver-only package simply doesn't install, and choosing the "let me choose from a list of drivers" option shows that the
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