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Dell Multimedia Audio/Video cable


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Anybody has a calbe like this and can give me a bit a fuller explanation? (a photo could be handy too)

Normally I am going to buy this laptop after the summer. I can get it for about 1600?, which is much cheaper than on the Dell site (I can get it via my school, it's a student promotion)

The only negative point on this laptop (in my eyes) is that it hasn't got a TV-Out (which I use quite a lot actually)

I found those Dell Multimeda cables, but I can't find any more information. So I'm wondering how it works: where do you have to connect it ? is it on the VGA port ? USB, or dock connector, or a special connector for this cable or something ?

I am also wondering if it will be available for the m65 (the link above is for the m60/m70)

Also, is there anybody who already has this laptop ? I don't know anybody who has it, or even actually has seen it, it's also quite hard to find pics/information about this laptop, and I haven't found ANY review yet!

hope somebody can help me!

thx! :)

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Somebody ?

(this topic should actually be on offtopic sorry :) )

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It can also be moved into the "highly" technical section even though it's not about soldering :)

I think Bill or Fabrice can be of help here.

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All I know is that Dell used (and apparently still) to design PS2 like breakout connector to send sound, video and svideo. I used to have one of those with my good old Inspiron 8100. At that time it looked like the breakout boxes used by desktop VIVO cards. But with extra connexion for sound.

Like this one:


Since new hardware allows it they included SPDIF and coaxial digital sound output.

I used to have a PC dedicated to TV out... now I just carry my jumbo 17" screen laptop on the coffee table. :)

So what you are looking for is a circular connector on the laptop... that is not the power supply. I'll try to dig up some pointers on this laptop after my tea break. :)

BUT it looks like the product described here is what goes between the breakout box and the TV. 3 simple cables... The cables I guess you already have. :P

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I've reread it again and I think you're right, that those are only the cables (as it seems the m60 has TV-OUT) :)

any idea if something like this should work (already asked), and if it works, how it works + what about the quality/speed:


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All current Dells use this cable:


to break out the 7-pin adapter into s-video, composite + spdif.

You can also order this cable from Dell - have a look at the online user guide for the M65, it's mentioned in there.

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The first thing posted is just a set of 2 cables with phono plug adapters, one can be used for composite, other for S/PDIF, and a S-Video cable, dell probably charges too much and you can walk into Radioshack, bestbuy, ect and pick up similar cables for cheaper.

The laptops should have a special svideo out that when you plug up an adapter also has composite and S/PDIF outup. (special svid plug is like 7 pins, not 4)

Salzrat posted the correct cable probably, the first kit mentioned is just cables you should buy from a store or already have, I am checking to make sure the laptop has the correct plug and stuff.

Make sure you get the WUXGA screen (1920x1200 ultrasharp screen)

Edit: I DO NOT SEE AN SVIDEO OUTPUT ON THIS LAPTOP or I am blind, still checking.


Laptop also appears to have a hard to upgrade optical drive, plus no DVI output, you should get a higher model precision workstation.

The cable Jeroen posted probably only works with specialized video equipment and projectors that transmit s-video and composite over the the standard HD15 connector. (don't ask me why they do that)

This page answers my assumption.



Data bus-PCI Express

Controller/ Memory-512 MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M TurboCache

NOTE: The total of local and shared system memory used by this video card is up to 512 MB. Local integrated memory is 256 MB. Up to 256 MB of system memory may be allocated to support video, depending on system memory size and other factors.

LCD interface-LVDS

TV support-NTSC or PAL in S-video and composite modes (through docking device only)

If you want to carry around a large docking station go ahead, but even I don't take those things everywhere.

The M70 has the TV out connector on the back side.


But I would still recommend the M90, M70 doesn't even have DVI output.


M90 also has 5 in 1 cardreader, and has a similar design to (but better than) the good design of the XPS Gen2 M170 and M1710 (we have a M170), enhanced with things such as docking connector (docking stations with PCI express slots I think :) :P :) )

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The reason I want(ed) to buy this one, is that I can get it on a verry low price on my school

I can choose between 3 laptops:

- Dell Inspirion 6400 (€ 1265)

1680x1050, T2400, 1GB, ATI x1400, 80GB

- Dell Precision m65 (€ 1599)

1680x1050, T2400, 1GB, Quadro FX Go 350M, 80GB

- Dell XPS M1710 (€ 1769,95)

1920x1200, T2500, 1GB, Geforce 7900 GTX 512MB, 80GB

I have to pay this laptop by myself (with my job this vacantion + tha money I can get from my medion...) (+ I'm getting 18 in august, so I'm not that old ... :) )

I certaintly don't want the 6400 (looks ugly, ATI...)

The m65 seemed right, I don't play (much) games, and 15.4" was nice for me. I would consider the XPS too, but it looks quite huge, and I don't like the design so much. Also, how long willl the battery of that XPS take with such a card... I would like to have a good battery time (+-3h or more)

The difference in price is quite small I think but I don't know what to take. I want a small laptop, anyone has seen that XPS and know how huge it is and if it has a quiet and cool cooling ?

EDIT: also is there a possibility to upgrade those CPU's (from the m65 and/or xps) to a Core 2 Duo in the future ?

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I can choose between 3 laptops:

- Dell Inspirion 6400 (? 1265)

1680x1050, T2400, 1GB, ATI x1400, 80GB

- Dell Precision m65 (? 1599)

1680x1050, T2400, 1GB, Quadro FX Go 350M, 80GB

- Dell XPS M1710 (? 1769,95)

1920x1200, T2500, 1GB, Geforce 7900 GTX 512MB, 80GB

In my opinion there are only 2 choices... the first one and the last one.

The XPS has the same size and screen as my Inspiron 9300... it's a GREAT laptop... but it has a bigger price tag and weights a DEAD DONKEY. I bought mine with a backpack... so the weight is evenly spread on my shoulders when I need to board in gate 20046 and I'm in front of gate 3. BACKPACK RULES


If size/weight + no/little gaming... aim for the 6400. Know that the wrist rest might change in color... I used mine for about a year now, there is a zone where the grey is much stronger.

By the way a 17" laptop with 1920x1200 RULES.... :)

ps: don't take my opinion seriously... I'm the guy that hate eye candy and that wouldn't trust a computer that comes with a serial port. :)

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LOL :)

I certaintly want an nVidia based laptop (always had nVidia, and verry happy with it!)

Actually I was looking for a Sony VAIO FE series before I knew about these laptops. The only negative points on that Sony are:

- 1280x800 (which isn't such a big problem, but I higher resolution would be comfortable)

- no support for a belgian azerty keyboard (it's the french azerty which is different)

- bad service (this is what I have read)

I haven't got any idea what to choose :)

They all are around the same priceclass (1300 to 1700 euros)... :P

with what can you compare that x1400 ? (don't know anything from ati... :( )

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What will be your primary use of this animal? As a software engineer/geek/photo retoucher I would not trade my Dell 17" 1920x1200 laptop easily... nothing beats watching PDF/DOC files at 100% with 2 pages per screen.

In fact there is something that beat that... working on 2 uber screens. :)

I don't like anything Sony... for various reasons. Their screens can be large but with HUGE PIXELS. Come on use the ###### 17" correctly.

You have to give ATI some credit... if you lived near the north pole you would enjoy a nice PC with a HOT Pentium 4 and a HOT ATI GPU. :) They also have the crappiest sluggish graphic control panel EVER.

The ATI x1400 is 50? faster than the ATI x1300. The desktop x1300 is about has 2/3 of the power of a vanilla 6600. (not the 6600 GT) So it should be something between Geforce Go 6200 and 6400.

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I would seriously go with the 17in M90, cannot beat the 1920x1200 res screen, easy to read as its bigger than 15.4 inch, has the capability to display full 1080p or multiple windows (plus the screen itself is a high quality UltraSharp), plus that laptop has many features, svideo out, future dock station upgrades, easier to replace optical drive (future blue ray for HD playback on the nice screen?)

Also of course has the nice nvidia card, and you can probably upgrade it in the future or do some other cool crossflash modification or pinmod, maybe get a merom later?

My brother has a M170 (17in, similar chassis) and its not that heavy, plus it is very sturdy, they have a video on dells site somewhere of them dropping a laptop with that 17in chassis on the floor, and somebody even stood on the laptop and it still worked.

My brother also gets about 2 hours of battery life on his (same as mine would if these batteries weren't broken), more or less depending on settings and wheather or not you are running FEAR (or Vista :) ) on it.

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Yeah, i like the m90 too, but that one I can't get for such a low price + service

(if I buy one of that three laptops from my school, I get the service that it gets repaired there. They have a dell technician who is there three days in a week, your laptop gets repaired immediately, and if it takes too long, you get a "temporary laptop in replace" (can't find the correct word lol :) ).

PS, you also have to know I have to take this laptop to school every day, so it may not be that heavy/big, because I have to go around 20min with my bike to the station, then taking the train for a half an hour and then walking 10minutes to the school...

Also I find 2h of battery time not that much... I now have also 2h, and I don't find it that much...

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Propably it will be the m65 :) (have to make my decision before mid july)

I'm thinking of modding a TV-Out for this laptop. Shouldn't it be possible to search (ask Dell?) for a "pin layout" of there docking station, so that I know on which lines the TV-Out passes, and than create a connector thatt only has a TV-Out calbe or something. I have a (small) knowledge of soldering and stuff, but it seems cool to me to play with it :)

Don't know if I can get anywhere such a plan with the connector of that dock?

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###### this is probably the most complex solution to a simple problem. If you require a TV out for watching p*** on a large TV... either get a laptop with TV out or a setup box that allows to send video and audio thru IP.

If you need to use the TV out everywhere aim for the fisrt option... if you use the TV out only in dorm during the week and at home the week-end... the box is the best option.

I'm able to feed MPEG2 stream to my TV using VLC.

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