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Hi everyone,

so basically i'm geting tired of my >3yrs old 1.7GHz, P4-M Toshiba Satellite 5100, Geforce4 440 go 32MB. mainly because of the following limitations/annoyances:

1. old graphics card....can't match up nicely with new games, etc.

2. Toshiba fan that kicks in loudly. quit embarrasing at lectures u know

3. laptop gets too hot for my lap, heats up to 70C for the fan to kick in, and using Speedfan makes it noisy. 4. it's getting too heavy for what it offers.

what i still like about it, and would like to get at least similar or close to, in my next laptop:

1. Wonderful Harman Kardon 2.1 speakers that are so great with TVs tray!!

2. the nice UXGA 1600 x 1200 screen. really displays movies with a true cinematic view

3. cPad - well, i know this is no longer in production. but man, u just gotta love the ccustomizable cPad.

ok, probably u can get the kind of stuff that i want :) for my next laptop i am also concerned about the following, in that order:

1. speed, at least something reasonably fast. 1.7GHz and above. centrino, or core duo, or watever. but a mobile processor definitely.

2. good graphics card, I can even switch to ATi Xx00 types, but Geforce Go cards are naturally preferrable.

3. light weight laptop.

4. good screen. NOT 1024 x 768. something better than that, if possible widescreen too.

5. quiet / super silent laptop.

6. DVD Multi drive.

7. of course, a reasonable price (i'm in germany, so in Euros)... as in im not buying a customized Alienware lappy... :)

so which manufacturers? Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, ?? btw, between AMD and Intel processors which are better?

pple, pliz give me advice here, oh, n also the best way to sell the current toshiba laptop!!

thanks a lot, i would really appreciate this.


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Go for MXM. This narrows down the laptops to be considered for comparison. Then have a look at Ice-Tea's MXM-Upgrade.com/table.htm site for what Laptop are avaialbe on the market and what specs they offer.

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If you can't find a good MXM laptop I would always recomend the Dell Precision M90, or the consumer gaming equivilent laptop (XPS M1710 I think)


That thread has some posts by me telling all the nice features about it, has a 1920x1200 screen, even better than what you want (future HD movie playback?), is windows vista ready too, can probably put a blue ray drive in it in the future, maybe some graphics card upgrades.

The M90 also has a dock connector, we are talking the nice ones with desktop PCI or PCI express slots and stuff.

You can also use the fastest gf cards and stuff on dells high end ones, can get a good DVD burner with it too.

Also has good built in speakers, subwoofer I think too.

Also my brother's XPS Gen2 M170 (similar 17inch chassis design) doesn't make as much noise as my laptop does.

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Dell is the only company I've ever dealt with personally. Otherwise I have a gateway computer (mobo and RAM have been replaced), a couple custom computers built with assorted parts, and of course, my laptop.

1: Pentium M processors at 1.5 to 2.2GHz actually outperform the Athlon FX-55 (I think that was the model) in terms of gaming. I havent seen how well the do for other applications, but when overclocked it seems to be right up there with the FX. As far as I know the core duos are really good performers, and when overclocked they really shine.

2: Dont go with the newer ATi cards (the Xx00 or X1x00 series), the new GeForce 6 and 7 series mops the floor with ATi. If your only option is older cards, then go with the ATi 9x00 series.

3: High performance unfortunately does not go with light weight/thin. I think laptops with the GeForce Go 7400 are pretty slim, and packs enough juice to run NFS Most Wanted at lowered graphics.

4: most laptops come with the option for a higher resolution screen.

5: In a few reviews I've read the new Dell XPS system is very quiet due to its new efficient cooling system (placing the CPU and video card on opposite sides of the laptop, each with its own heatsink and fan)

6: Just about all laptops for sale now come with that.

7: Cheapest laptop I've seen is going for $599 CAD (not sure what that is in euros), but it only has integrated graphics. Cheapest dedicated graphics laptop I've seen runs about $1000-1300.

Theres just two things I want to ask you.

1: What do you consider light?

2: What do you consider cheap?

Everyone has different opinions on what those are. My I5150 weighs a little over 8.5 lbs, over 10 with adapter, yet I consider it very light, though others consider it very heavy (which it is, for a laptop)

If you're looking for a high performance solution, the new Dell XPS M1710 is your best option for bang for the buck, plus with the deals dell always has on, wait a little bit, keep checking back about every week and see what the deals are then.

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Guest gremline

thanks guys :)

I checked out the Dell one and i find the XPS offers quite good. imagine i didn't really know about the customization option for Dell laptops. they also seem to have some pretty good customer care and service. something that bothers me, though i guess i can live with is: i'm in germany, and on the german dell site, they don't offer custom selection for an english keyboard. i'd rather prefer the US layout than the QWERTZ german one. is it possible to prder from US, or is the cost of transport not worth it?

@ Mew905:

for a light laptop, something less than 3kgs definitely. coz i'm a student and carrying a laptop around is the course of the day.....

i'm willing to spend upto about 1800Euros.

btw, i'm not that much of a serious gamer....

does anyone have info. about Samsung laptops like the x20, x25 series? also, is there something good coming from Toshiba?

thanks again for the replies


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any comments about this Acer laptop, it sounds like a good offer for the price. does anyone know something about the heat and noise it might/might not emit?

Acer 5652 WLMi


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Gremline, you should be able to buy a US Dell keyboard from Dell or Ebay and install it on yours, would just require removing a few screws, lift the keyboard up, remove the cable, and replace the new one in reverse order.

I'd say go with Dell, we have 2 Dell laptops over here.

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For casual gaming, a GeForce 7400 or 6300 should be more than adequate (my 16mb GeForce 6200 Turbocache ran GTA San Andreas, max gfx except distance @ 30+FPS), if you dont game at all (maybe older games like Counterstrike or Starcraft), integrated graphics should be enough. Integrated GFX laptops run $599 CAD (424.69 euros if my math is correct, early in the morning sorry) or more.

What kind of applications do you plan on running? If you dont intend on gaming, the XPS is very likely NOT for you.

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Good, Alienware sucks any way. What do you consider a reasonable price? Are you gonna do much gaming, and are they graphic intense games? Take a look at www.voodoopc.com.

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just some simple once in a while games, like UT, NFS... mainly to pass time. but mostly i will be watching movies on the computer, and doing school work (reading, excel, typing lots, internet research...that kind).

i find the dell offers to be quite good though, so probably i'll be heading that way. not the XPS, the others.

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Dell's newer laptops are solidly built, the new Precision line is pretty good.

My brother has an XPS Gen2 M170 and its nice, you can get similar Inspirons and Precions without the ligths and colors and stuff.

For movies you know you want the 17inch 1920x1200 UltraSharp screens. (Precision M90, I9400)

Maybe soon there will be one with a blue ray or HD-DVD drive, or you could buy one later.

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Hmm... same here, i'm also looking to get a new laptop... at the moment (and looking at my sig) i've got my eyes set on the ASUS F3JM. I initially wanted to get the Acer T8204 (i think that was what the model was), a very good laptop by specs and price, but i heard from many acer users that the Acer laptops are just not up to standard and unreliable in terms of part failure.

I was looking for a relatively high end gaming machine, which isn't too heavy as well, coz like this dude said, i also need to take it into lectures and stuff later.

Also, anyone got any idea about the Intel Core 2 Duo Merom? I read from wikipedia that you can just change the current core duo processors with the core 2 duo merom, only needed a mere bios update to get the processor running fine... there is a concern of mine though, because this only has an FSB of 667Mhz and later in April the new ones with 800Mhz are being released... any insight on whether i should wait till april? even then, i'm not sure how fast the companies will adapt the new processor/ chipset.

I'm staying in Malaysia/ Australia, so does anyone know of any decent laptops i could go with? Dell and Alienware are good options, but they're really really pricy, as well as other laptops which are tooo fat/ big, are out of the question... they shouldn't even be called laptops lol... more of like... complete desktop replacement XD

Intel core 2 Duo Merom info @ wikipedia

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Good, Alienware sucks any way. What do you consider a reasonable price? Are you gonna do much gaming, and are they graphic intense games? Take a look at www.voodoopc.com.

So you say AW sucks when Voodoo charges you 4,000$ for a 2,000$ computer? Someone explain that to me.....

Just this costs over 13,000$!!!!!!

OMEN Elemental

Features :

Radically Different Design

Features best of ATX and BTX form factor!

Performance Tuned Athlon FX

Performance Tuned SLi Video

Brushed Anodized & Machined Chassis

Voodoo f:5 Supercharged Intercooling

Worlds Fastest & Quietest Production PC

Built to ISO9000:2001 Standards

10"(W) X 23"(D) X 18"(H)


Allure Finish

Components :

Voodoo OMEN Elemental Intel Core 2 Duo with Crossfire

Voodoo Performance and Stability Re-Engineering

Voodoo Renowned Cabling System

Voodoo Disaster Recovery System II

Voodoo EDGE Mousing Surface

Voodoo Koeskin System Binder

Free VoodooPC T-Shirt

IS09001:2000 Quality Control Standards

Voodoo MAGA Aluminium Chassis

Voodoo Illuminated Mask & Airbox

Eye of the Storm and Electric Veins

ASUS Digital Home Series

Voodoo Stealth 600 Watt Modular Silent Power Supply

Core? 2 Extreme processor # X6800 2.93 4M 1066 MHz LGA775

Voodoo OMEN Supercharged Intercooler

Purple Voodoo super coolant


500 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM

OMEN Molded Digital Card Reader

Pioneer Dual Layer 16X DVD+-RW

ATi Radeon X1900XTX 512 SS

Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Music

Voodoo OMEN Metal Travel Box with wheels

Complimentary 1st Class Worldwide Shipping

Windows XP Professional

FUEL Software Essentials v2.0

Intelligent LCD Display MX233

1 Year Voodoo Desktop Warranty Policy

Desktop Silver Upgrade Policy

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