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Inspiron 5150 guts pics!


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I ripped apart my laptop a couple days ago because the DC jack was acting up, so I took it apart to resolder it again (sloppy job, not easy to do without burning other components). I decided to take apart more than I had to, so those who have never seen the inside of the Inspiron 5150, or who are just curious. Next time I take it apart I will take more pictures, I was in a hurry with these pics because it was goin on to 1:45AM and I was gettin tired.

anyways, on to the pics.

Pentium 4 M 2.8GHz (Socket 479)


GeForce FX Go5200 w/o Heatsink (NOT disassembled)


CPU Heatsink and fan disassembled


CPU Heatsink still attached

Heatsink underneath video card (note only one thermal pad, which actually touches one of the RAM modules on the bottom of the video card)


EDIT: lol forgot to change the second text for the topic. The pics were reduced to 400x300 because 2048x1536 was wayyyy too big.






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I fixed your topic title, but I demand full resolution pics.

Those are of a pretty low resolution, go get a photobucket account.

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yeah, I have a photobucket account.. didnt think to use that ^_^;

the actual pics are 2048x1536 and are actually pretty blurry. I took the laptop COMPLETELY apart tonight, motherboard, heatsinks, harddrive caddy and all. I didnt have the camera with me so I didnt have the chance to take any pictures... I just have one thing to note about removing the motherboard though. The VGA out is held on by external screws cleverly disguised as the screw holes for screwing a monitor on. Took me like an hour to figure it out lol. I had to re-solder the DC jack back on because my gf keeps knockin it out. One of the pins is broken on it :) (it still works though, charges and runs AC power).

I'll re-upload the pics using photobucket next time I have the cam with me, though like I said they are blurry.

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You might want to use a flash or an auxiliairy light... because those pics are both blurry and REALLY dark.

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yeah. oddly the only time I ever take my laptop apart is late at night so all I have is the incandescent bulb, the flash on the camera makes things bright to the point that you cant see alot of things unless you're standing a good distance away.

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If you digicam has a macro mode... it usually helps a lot to take close shots with flash. You end up with something more helpfull than "snow storm at the north pole" kinda picture.

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Guest Guest

yeah, it has macro, thats where the lens changes focal points doesnt it? Those actually were taken in macro. I'll try flash, but I'll warn ya, it's really, really bright.

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Macro allows to focus on really close objects... if your digicam is not smart enough to tone down the flash in macro mode. Use a paper sheet to absorb and diffuse the flash beam power.

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