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Need help, what driver is best for Battlefield 2?

Guest Bennett

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Guest Bennett

Hello, I have a Dell XPS Gen 2 with an nVidia GeForce 6800 Go Ultra 256 mb. I have found that Battlefield 2 runs pretty choppy and doesn't look great which shouldn't but the case with my computer. My question is, what driver is safest for the computer and will help games run great? I don't know much about all of this stuff and I didn't want to install something without getting a second opinon on which driver would no harm my computer as it was expensive! Anyways, thanks for anybody that will give me their help.

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What are your graphic settings in the game?

There are currently little graphic card that can feed Battlefield 2 to a 1920x1200 screen with a 4x antialiasing and 16x anisotropic filtering.

Can you also give a figure to choppiness... frame rate wise... since it's the most subjective thing on this planet. For me 30fps is mostly OK... but for online gaming OK is more in the 60fps...

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Guest Bennett

I'll let you know when I get off work I don't know off the top of my head. I know it isnt at 1900 * 1200. BUt most setting are either at high of medium. Lighting and shadows are off. Anisotropic filtering is off because when it is on the screen in game and in the menus the screen fickers and is distorted to where you can't really see anything. After a while of playing the games starts to run fine but I know that there is a problem with the driver because the game tells me that I need to update my driver. I do know that my resolution is at setting after 800 * 600.

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OK... this might be the time for me to install one of the two Battlefield 2 licences that sit on my shelves. I'll try first on my desktop PC then my laptop.

FYI the licences came as OEM with the mobo and the graphic card. Dice fooled me once with Battlefield 1... I wouldn't get Battlefield 2 on purpose. :)

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Guest Guest

Alright so here are my computer specs Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 Intel® Pentium® M Processor 2.00GHz, 1.99Ghz, 1.00 GB of ram. Video Card is GeForce Go 6800 Ultra 256 mb.

Battlefied 2 settings are

Display - 1024 *768 @ 60 Hz

Terrain - Medium

Effects - High

Geometry - High

Textture - High

Lighting - Medium

Dynamic Shadows - Low

Dynamic Light - low

Anti-Aliasing - off

Texture Filtering - High

View Distance - 75%

So the game gets pretty choppy when the action picks up, but I think on my computer at those settings it should be running just fine. So what would be the best driver for my video card that not only runs well with games but have litte harm to my computer.

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You might want to tone down the texture filtering... it's the anisotropic filtering... it has a great visual effect on LOD texture blending... BUT it costs a lot of FPS.

Shut down the shadows too... it can be helpful to judge the altitude of an enemy which has a jetpack... but there are none of these in BF2.

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Since you have a Dell I would advise the 84.30 + modded INF file. It's basically the 84.25 + support for mobile GPUs. This driver is a keeper... in the near future I see no reason changing.

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Guest nil8r

Fabrice Roux is giving good advice here.

You should be hitting better FPS than that w/ that setup. I have a 9300 w/ the same specs as yours only 2GB of ram, 7200 rpm hdd and a oc'd 6800 go non ultra and I play at 1024x768 everything on high w/ no AA and it plays at about 47 FPS avg in BF2. Im on 84.21.

Make sure you dont have any programs running in the background, disable your anti virus and make sure you dont have anything you dont need running at start up. Google msconfig to control startup.

Go here and download the driver and I9kfanGUI 2.3 (external beta) to control see your cpu, gpu and mem temps, but more importantly to contol your fan to come on sooner.

Download fraps to see your FPS and benchmark.


You may want to bump that memory to 2 GB. Thats a nice rig and 1GB of ram is slowing it down in games. Consider preparing for Vista and bumping it to 4 GB if your pockets are deep enough, otherwise get to 2GB.

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