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Dial-a-fix (DAF) v0.60


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Michael has updated the Dial-a-fix Ubertool. Now the third public BETA release reaching version 0.60 and even more improved and proper working features than the stable release v0.58

In my opinion the one and only XP repair tool. Forget about other so called Repair or even Tuning tools. DAF will do what most dream about to offer you. For free :) What i have seen so far in years of Computer Experience, this one is the non-plus-ultra.

More info about DAF can be found in his Dial-a-Fix WIKI

The changelog:

  • Rewrote policy scanner *again* to address all limitations? now it is very informative - now uses a ListView and can even spot policies that are using the wrong REG_type (such as REG_SZ when REG_DWORD was expected) - it is also extremely optimized - only needs 1680 queries to find everything it knows
  • Removed one dumb policy (not really restrictive): NoRecentDocsHistory
  • Updated Help dialog to have minimize/maximimize/resize functions
  • Updated all version numbers to reflect ?v0.60″
  • Removed ?Debug mode? checkmark, as it is useless now that Dial-a-fix correctly reports DLL registration errors (thanks to native registration capability)
  • Added ?Suppress errors? in its place, to hide all error dialog boxes that would normally appear, but the code for this is not yet complete, so it remains disabled for now
  • Flush SoftwareDistribution button and GO button now disable the Tools dialog pane and its GO button so that you can?t run two conflicting tasks at once

Download Dial-a-fix BETA v0.60 here and enjoy professional IT support.

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Guest Guest

I download it and saw is meant for....

If it does what says it does....WOWWWW

GREAT TOOL, every admin should have it....its a rescue master....this beauty rockz..

I havent had the chance to test it, but i have many ppl that had explorer problems, MSI problems, cant install nothing and windows update problems also...so this is a beauty...

Congrat to the poster and creator deserves a huge applause

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