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DualView unavaliable in Dell Latitude D820 (Quadro NVS 110M)

Guest JC

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I have a Dell Latitude D820 with a Quadro NVS 110M with Windows 2000 SP4

The original nvidia Driver from Dell is 83.13

This Driver hasn´t de DualView option. Why?

I installed the 84.29 driver from Dell and the DualView option become avaliable. The option works fine.

Later, I installed DirectX 9.0c and all run OK

Now, I have installed 84.69 driver from Dell and I have lost again the DualView option.

I have tried come back 83.13 and 84.29 but the DualView option isn´t avaliable.

Somebody has this problem?

How I can activate the DualView option?


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Why do you need to change the driver that often? Hemoroids??? :)

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I used to change them much more often than that back in the day, trying to find a good driver.

There have been some resent problems with this, and some are related to a windows update.

The best advice I can give is make sure your windows is up to date, or uninstall whatever update is causing these problems, or just re-install the driver, should fix the options right up.

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Hi, I have found the solution.

If you wan´t use the DualView option with Dell Latitude D820 try this:

1- Install the 84.25 general driver. This driver doesn`t work fine with Quadro NVS 110M but don´t worry.

2- Reboot

3- Install the 84.29 Dell driver.

4- Reboot

5- Now you can activate de DualView option. I have one TFT Dell works fine.

good luck.

I don´t know why this option aren´t visible in the original drivers of Dell.

Anybody knows?

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