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Supporting development of 'The Notifier'


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In order to support the development of a new tool called 'The Notifier" (coded by the author of DAF), i decided to post this news here at LaptopVideo2Go and hope for a lot of replies.

Here's the deal:

0. Anybody using Windows 2000 Professional, XP, Server 2003 or Vista can participate

1. Surf to

2. Download "The Notifier.exe" and execute it.

3. Checkmark 'Hide known'.

4. Comment on this post and let us know the Key and the DLLName of anything that still shows up after hiding known (unless someone already posted yours, or unless it's blank - blank is good).

That's pretty much it. This is going to help him with a future spyware-removal application. Thanks!

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Is WGA popups considered as "known"?

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Topic closed due to obvious reasons.

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