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Power Calibration Error?cleaning laser?


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hey all....if you recall my other cd-r burner died in my notebook...

luckliy i still had my dvd slot load burner installed...

for some reason ive been getting this error when trying to burn cd-r's..."Power Calibration Error"..

ive never had this ever before...ive googled around and read a bit about it...alot of people say its media related..i bought 2 differant batches of cd-r and still i get this error....any idea??

also how the hell do you clean the laser lens in a slot load drive??? its not like your typical drive where you can see the laser..this is all internal...i thought maybe that would help..

also note that dvd's are burning just fine..only problems with cd-r's...

strange one


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I had the same type of problem on a CDR burner on an Inspiron 8100... I was able to read but burning was out. Since warranty was out... I ended up with a reader only.

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######.....i guess im gonna have to buy a new drive now..lol

strange how it can burn dvds with no issues(data,etc,etc) but cd-rs this error doesnt stop...

i did try this one trick i read here


"this might be some help to all you guys out there which are having problems with this power calibration error.what i know is that the cd burning engine which comes with xp was developed by adaptec (i might be wrong so please dont hold me to it).so heres what to do and most of your problems hopefully will be solved.this is the easiest way to tell everyone.

1 on desktop click start

2 select control panel

3 click on administrative tools

4 click on services

5 browse your way down to IMAPI CD BURNING COM SERVICE

6 right click (on IMAPI) then select properties

7 in the middle of the window it will say start up type.click on the arrow to the right and select disabled.

8 make sure you click APPLY

thats it folks.you should notice that nero starts alot faster aswell"

now the funny thing is as soon as i tried it it actually burned a iso image i made with no error..

than i tried a mp3 and the error came up again...

dont know what to think....

i guess ill be looking into getting a good dvd/cd-r reader/writer and maybe just keep this slot load thats installed already as a dvd writer/reader..since theres no issues with that..yet...

that make sense??

any suggestions for a new good writer that will fit in my notebook??

this is what i have now...


also you guys think this driver thats listed will help??


thanx 4 the replies guys.. :)


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For what I remember the laser when burning a CD works at its maximum power, for a DVD it's a tad below... then comes the low power modes used for reading.

It's possible that the source is not able to achieve full power but still able to reach DVD burning mode.

Joke: or you have a RIAA virus that prevents you from making illegal copies of audio products. :)

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"Joke: or you have a RIAA virus that prevents you from making illegal copies of audio products. "

could be mate..... :)

btw but as you mentioned the power issue makes sense....

but for that 1 time i did what that lil tut said above and it worked again...

but that was it...

crazy how 2 of my drives could go bad in less than 2 months...

oh well...

any suggestions which drives last a bit longer??


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There is an urban legend that says that Starforce game copy-protection can be evil with CD/DVD payers/burners.

So do you happen to have a video game protected by Starforce on your system? To check if your computer has the Starforce driver installed, open the Device Manager, select View/Show Hidden Devices then look under Non Plug-and-play Drivers.

EDIT: If fyou need more informations on Starforce... there you go. :)

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i just checked..no SF on here.. :)


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