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Flickering Screen, even after diabling CoolBits


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I have a few quick questions maybe someone could answer/clarify for me.

I disabled CoolBits on the 91.31 drivers as I was supposed to if my screen flickers. It worked like a dream for about 20 minutes, then my screen started to flicker on then off, on then off, over and over again- couldn't do anything so I rebooted... logged back on to my computer and as soon as I did- about 20 seconds while still loading up everything it flickered again... :)

So my question is why does it still flicker when I disabled coolbits? Should I not overclock my GPU at all? I mean it's no real biggie to me if I have it or not... but I use Powerstrip instead of CoolBits. So I figured I could get away with it if CoolBits was disabled. Or should I used CoolBits to OC and let Powerstrip handle other GPU issues?

I always have a flicker problem with the drivers, and I always OC my GPU just a little... so should I just deactivate my OC from all forms of utilities on my computer or what in order to get the flicker effect off my screen?

Sorry if this post is confusing- but I am highly irritated by the flickiness of my screen! Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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First thing you want to do is to fallback to a RELIABLE driver such as 84.25. Coolbits allows to access the Clock pannel in the Geforce properties... it can create ONE flicker when the system boots and applies the clocks of the driver.

YES if you have a doubt on your setup... FALLBACK to the bases. Which means no powerstrip, no overclocking AND base driver.

It seems that it's a driver related issue... but if you want to be sure that your hardware download Ubuntu and check if your backlight still works correctly.

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