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is it possible? Sony AR card into FS


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is it possible to place a sony vaio AR geforce 7600gt into sony vaio fs? I know there is a bit of a difference in size.. the AR is 17inch while fs is 15.4. But is it possible????

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thats somethin you gotta google, or look around for compaitability. I'd say look for images, and if the 2 video cards in each laptop match up, i'd say it'd be possible. Mobo compaitability on the other hand may not. Swapping video cards that werent intended for a specific laptop is a risky job. Dells especially, as even the RAM, processor and video card have to be of a certain type (i cant remember what the actual terms are in this case, i do know you cant just throw any processor in)

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after looking everywhere on the web for sony fs series inside.... i have finally learned to my dissappointment that the GPU is built in...SIGH.... oh well.. time to upgrade the CPU at least....

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