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Driver Help Needed =]


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I read that sticky and here are the following info:

-Laptop Make/Model


AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.533ghz)

256Mb RAM

-Graphics Card

GeFroce4 420 Go 16mb

-Current Driver Version (2/05/2003) <-- I got this driver from this site.

-Last Useable Driver Version

Not sure wat it was before I changed. It was something in with the date of around 2001. So pretty old eh?

-Operating System

Windows XP Pro SP1 (I can't update it unfortunately, not genuine. My bad >.<)

-An accurate description of the issue at hand

Well, it is just I would to know if there is a more recent driver I could use? I don't have much problems with this driver, just wish to know if I could improve my performance. Since I am a pure gamer, I would love to maxmise the performance for my laptop (buying a new one is not an option, no dosh!).

So basically if anyone could point me in the right direction, and give me advice about what I should do.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Oh since I'm here, just wondering if it is possible to overclock my computer or video card? I really want to get the best with the worst hardware. =/ Thanks.

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You got a classic GF4 card with only 16MB RAM...can you post (just for the records) the NERD log for details about that rare card?

Try the famous, incredible, stable, faster than any other driver and legendary v44.68

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