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I'm wondering if there's a video card I can buy for my Dell M50 docking station. I note there are 2 PC slots I've never used under the docks cover.

I have the stock NVIDIA,QUADRO4 500 in the laptop and was going to buy the NVIDIA,QUADRO4 880 from Dell as an upgrade, but thought I'd chk w/ this forum to see if there's a better combo that will work in the dock ---- as it is now, the M50 slows considerably when powering a Dell/Trintron monitor....a Viewsonic LCD is pretty much unusable...

Any suggs appreciated...

Thx again

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I'm confused, there is no Quadro4 880 GoGL. :)

There is a Quadro4 700 GoGL, if you can get that from Dell it is the best card to install internally into this laptop.

As for the dock if you can get it to work correctly a good desktop GeForce FX PCI card is what you need.

The Quadro4 500 is basically a 440 go gone Quadro, the 700gogl is like the go 4200

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Sorry, not too up on all these numbers and combos, more a tourist than a tech :) , but I did get the Dell part number (off this forum).

I just wanted to confirm w/ one of you experts that this was the right way to go. I'll order the 700 internal from Dell.

Do you thk the performance will be worth the cost of the card??

Thx again


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Well that depends, it is still an outdated graphics card, but it is cheaper than say the newer precision's Quadro cards (dell wants 2 arms and a leg for the newer ones, like 600+ I have heard in some cases)

It is the fastest for this laptop, if you can get it and plan to keep this laptop around it is the best choice.

One question I have for you though, you say you have a QXGA screen, are you saying you got a QXGA 15' inch LCD screen in your laptop?

I have heard of such things existing before and seen them on sale I think, if they are compatible with this laptop that could be a sweet upgrade unless you have really bad vision.

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Actually the ViewSonic is a standalone monitor, but the M50 can't seem to handle it (or the Dell Trinitron) when I have too many pgms going at the same time. I then hv to undock and use it as a laptop....

And yes, I guess I'm committed to the M50 for awhile, in fact I picked up the gig of RAM and bought a second M50 for spare parts. I just have too many doodads (burners, zip drive, 2 slotted HD's, etc) to part w/ it. And it is a trusty thg

Thx also for the offline tips and eBay leads for the card. I'll pick up the 700 there. Not sure what th INF and clockspeed thgs were abt, but I'll figure it out. java script:emoticon(' :) ', 'smid_6')


Thx again for your advice java script:emoticon(' :( ', 'smid_17')



Those emoticons are cool

java script:emoticon(' :P ', 'smid_7')


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