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O.S question..

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hey all..

im planning on trying windws media center os in my next format..

will all the drivers i have for my xp pro work with media center with no issues or it actually matters??

i was on nvidia site looking around and noticed that there is a option for all types of o's.s....

thanx mates..

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Normally, all the XP drivers are the same, so they should work.

Actually WinXP MCE is the same as Home or Pro (don't know for sure which, but I think Home). 'Media Center' is just a new program that comes with Windows (like you have Media Player, Movie Maker,...)

So you should give it a try :) I don't see any reason that it won't work!

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cool...just getting everything ready before format.. :)

gonna test some graphics drivers as well beforehand..

thanx mate

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