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Toshiba 6600 go heat issues


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I recently installed rivatuner after updating my drivers to 84.25. Rivatuner detected my stock speeds at 300/600. During benchmarking I noticed my heat spiked to 91c which I thought was too hot and scored 5200 in 3dmark 03. Idle temperature returns to 61c but because the laptop has the one fan for both cpu and gpu the heat will reach 71c in idle if left doing nothing for 15 minutes. If watching a movie the gpu core is a solid 60c because the fan is on for the cpu.

After getting a laptop cooler I have been able to overclock my video card to 330/670 and benchmarking temps do not go higher than 82c and idle temps are now at 58c. Now I reach 5700 in 3dmark 03. I never have had any artifacts or lag even when playing doom3, battlefield 2 or AOE3. Are temps of 78-82 for benchmarking and gaming too high? The laptop seems to run great as is. But I want it to last a few more years so I don't want the gpu burning out on me.

Toshiba Tecra A4

P-M Centrino 740 1.73ghz

1024mb pc 3200

Nvidia geforce go 6600 nv43 128-bit 64mb vram.

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