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Driver bugs / quirks - any fix's ?

Guest Gelde

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Guest Gelde

Hiya, general question regarding GO drivers and issues in games - Specifically Im having trouble with Half Life 2 episode 1 and missing heat haze above fires (comes up as red and black chequed squares !) and missing textures - health packs - wall objects - consoles etc etc and the game dropping back to desktop with errors at certain points depending on graphics on screen (repeatable each time unless moving / looking at a different point).

The laptop is a Mitac 8060 (advent 7018 / 7019 / HiGrade W6700) with a GF4 440 go 64mb card - it plays pretty much all games fine and I have now tried nearly every driver on this site ! (not really but a few from each era) with no change in gfx or quality. All other drivers and support files (dx etc) up to date and Im 100% sure its the gf4 at fault......

Im hoping someone can tell me a fix that doesnt involve buying a newer laptop as this one serves me very well and is VERY solidly made.

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Well you have some issues with the rendering of special effects in HL2... I believe those are rendered by shaders which are missing on your graphic card. If the game is supposed to work on old hardware it's Valve job to solve your issue... mainly because the last issue solving for a Geforce 2 is before the Windows XP era.

Try to tone down the "effects"... I don't remember the HL naming of visual eye candy.

I invite you to watch the "Optimal driver thread", you'll see that your GF4 440 Go lacks some hardware features. It's equivalent to a desktop GF2 which is a Direct X 7.0 graphic card.

The complete solution is to change your hardware... since you don't want to buy a new laptop... have you considered shoplifting one? :)

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