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AirgoNet true MIMO drivers


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Probably not for resale, you may find one of a broken machine up for parts.

But you'll have to be quick as I'll be looking as well :)

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Thanks for the drivers, unfortunately they don't work on my Netgear WPNT511 cardbus adapter.

Under XP SP2 my PC just freezes when I try to install these and processor usage hits 100%

Under Vista I get ACT/LINK lights on but code 10 with the default drivers and these.

It is annoying, I also have a WPNT121 that half works under vista (performance is poor and it has 100% cpu usage whilst it tries to connect).

We really do need newer drivers :)

It seems as though atheros and ralink can produce drivers for their old products but Airgo can't for their newer ones!

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The ASUS drivers are good but finnecky to run.

I can no longer test the WIFI card as I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 which as no PCMCIA slot.

I do miss the Airgonet card as it's range is un beaten

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ok, well the good news is this: if you use the CD installers for the WPNT121 / WPNT511 you can install the drivers (requires a few reboots) and you have to use Wireless Zero config, you also have to use WEP because WPA/WPA2 don't seem to work, but WEP is better than nothing. There's also a few more bugs i'll add some more info 2mo.

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WZC is a pain on the Airgo based WIFI, the ASUS is much much better (as per included driver) as it allows for more tweaking.

You should be able to get these newer driver to work.

It may mean renaming the driver files to what the 121/511 are called then use the the 121/511 installer to install the driver.

This is bascially what I have also done to get this far.

I so miss my card, Intel WIFI is just not the same.

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I can't get the drivers to work on my cardbus card, they just lock the card up as with XP

Changing the descriptions to asus in my original drivers doesn't allow the asus utility to work unfortunately (I have set the program to run as administrator and also tried XP SP2 compatibility mode). I'll give it another go though.

The reason why the installer works under Vista is that Vista uses NDIS6.0 and the drivers are NDIS5.x, Vista uses a translation layer to allow NDIS5.x to work, which is great news but there is also a performance loss in doing this.

To install the WPNT511 cardbus card just run the CD installer, for the WPNT121 I suggest running the installer, removing the USB cable after then plug it back in and manually point the driver install to the WPNT121 program files folder.

One more thing you need to do under Vista is disable 802.11e for both network cards (control panel (classic view) -> system -> hardware) as this seems to fix the ping spikes. This gets rid of the ping spikes every 5 seconds, but does not get rid of the ping spike every 60 seconds caused by WZC.

The spike every 60 seconds is Wireless zero config (or WLAN autoconfig as it's now called in Vista) trying to find a better network to connect (performing a scan) to every 60 seconds, to fix this go to control panel -> network and sharing -> manage wireless connections (on left sidebar) -> properties (select the network + right click) -> untick 'connect to a more preferred network if available' and make sure you reconnect. This may not be the solution, i'm still getting this problem, I guess Airgo want me to buy new hardware, after all, this stuff is already 1 month old! :)

I also have a peculiar bug under XP / Vista with my Texas Instruments cardbus controller on my Compaq Presario Laptop limiting the performance of my cards to around 3MByte/s / 800KByte/s (it's the same with another cardbus card the Atheros based DWL-G630 from D-Link), the funny thing is that under Linux using ndiswrapper to run the XP drivers I get great performance (9MB/s / 7MB/s wireless laptop - router - ethernet PC), so I can only assume it's a pcmcia.sys problem and that perhaps something isn't enabled (like burst speed).

I have also noticed that when I use both the cardbus card (linux/ndiswraper 1.36) and USB 2.0 adapter (windows) on the network at the same time the performance of the network suffers quite badly, I have noticed that I am getting 5MB/s downstream on my laptop card and 800KB/s upstream (it should be the same or close to the same each way), disabling 802.11e in the laptop drivers seems to change this to 2.5Mb/s down and 1.5MB/s up. I find this strange, since 1. 802.11e isn't supported by my router (Rangemax 240) and there are known performance problems with this, so why is it enabled by default in the drivers and 2. why does the performance change so drastically when it is changed to 0.

I would love to know if anyone else has noticed strange performance problems like this?

If anyones wondering what the performance hit is like under Vista (802.11e is on unless stated):

WPNT121 XP -> Router -> XP 100mbit/s ethernet 9.7MB/s DL / 7MB/s UL

WPNT121 Vista -> Router -> Vista 100mbit/s ethernet 4MB/s / 7MB/s

WPNT121 Vista (802.11e off) -> Router -> Vista 100mbit/s ethernet 4MB/s / 4MB/s

ethernet Vista -> Router -> Vista 100mbit/s ethernet 11.6MB/s / 10MB/s

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Guest Digitron

That's all nice work folks !!! The matter is now to find how to fix the x64 problem. Is there any people who can help?

In fact, I'm using tha Airgo true mimo an with XP it works fine, but with the x64 version, I've looked out for drivers and ...

I'm still looking for it.

I've tried Linux in64 bit version, and there's a solution to use the windows 32 bit driver wwith ndiswrapper, but for Windows there isn't any talk about an emulation in 32 bit ...

What's the matter today with all those technologies? In the past, there was always a walktrought.


I think the chinese one in Matrix, wouldn't find a key for this door ... :)

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There are no x64 drivers :)

I did find v1.5.5.6 driver, I'll work on this later.

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You as in 1st post link ?

I've not tried it as the card is in drawer somewhere.

You may need to update driver via hardware manager

Driver is from Corega and is probably last one made

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Cool I'll look at this later, may have to dust this card off, and see how it goes with 11n routers

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There seems to be no x64 drivers of any sort for this WLAN card :)

Airgonet stumbled and were bought out and nothing new has come out.

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Guest pcfriendly@gmail.com

There seems to be no x64 drivers of any sort for this WLAN card :)

Airgonet stumbled and were bought out and nothing new has come out.

Hey there, this is my first time posting and although I'm an IT Professional, all this driver "reformulation" is way over my head, but so exciting to read through... Yep I read all the postings you've done....

Of course I bought the Linksys WMP54GX Wireless G card with the Airgo AGN100 chipset just 3 years ago on 11/12/2006. Up until this month I've been using Windows XPx32 without one issue, infact the card has been Amazingly solid for me, although I have read some users having issues. I've upgraded to Win7_x64 and realised this card has no native support under my new shinny OS. Because VISTA was such a dud, I never even tried it once so I'm just now realising I'm up SH*T creek without a paddle.

I called linksys today, I used their online chat service and was simply told not supported, buy new and she then tried to suggest Linksys products....HA! When I asked for better support she said my product was just out of warranty and there was nothing she could do. When I asked her if it was still under warranty?.........silence....

So, before I set the card and the SRX200 router I bought for $300 on fire, and advise all my clients to stop buying Linksys or Cisco products, I was wondering if any new developments have occurred since this last post... Any 64bit drivers out there at all?

Any reply would be appreciated, you guys do great work, I wish I had the brain power you had.... Lemme guess, your brain runs on Linux....grin.



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Hi Michael,

Not good news, there were no drivers made for Vista let alone Win7

Unless someone made a driver for these 2 OS's it will never work.

Not quite Linksys's fault as AirgoNet got sold for it's MIMO patents and was never seen/heard of again.

XP is it's only saviour

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