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Jerky Performance in Neverwinter Nights

Paul Moloney

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I have a recent Dell Inspiron 9300 with NVN (1.67) installed, with the

following specs:

Game Version: 1.67

Game Language: English

Machine: Dell Inspiron 9300

Processor Manufacturer: Intel

Processor Type: Pentium M

Processor Speed: 1862 Mhz

Operating System / Service Pack: Windows2000 with SP2

System RAM: 1024 megs

Video Card Manufacturer: Nvidia

Video Card Model: GeForce 6800 Go

Video Card RAM: 256 megs

Video Card Driver Version: (

Sound Card Manufacturer: SigmaTel

Sound Card Model: C-Major Audio

Sound Card Driver Version: 5.10.4255

(That's the standard Dell version of the drivers)

When I run NVM, even with all background processes and programs stopped

before rebooting (using msconfig.exe) and with all settings at minimum,

although I get an average of 60 to 100 FPS (according to Fraps),

there's a noticable irritating graphical pause/jerk every few seconds.

Anyone know what could be causing this? I would presume that my new

machine should be pretty capable of running NWN. I've tried defragging,

updating to the latest drivers, killing everything in the background -

nothing seems to have an effect. This seems strange for a 4 year old game!

Anyone think that one of the hacker drivers might work?



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