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Need help with Geforce4 440 Go!


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Ok, so here's the deal, I have a DELL laptop (Latitude C840) with Geforce4 440 Go video card. Recently I decided to try to hook up my TV as a secondary display (sole purpose of which would be to display the full screen video overlay on TV, to watch Movies). So here's what I did - went out and bought Monitor to Video adapter (pic below):


Then hooked it up to the laptop and TV, went to the card advanced settings, pressed clone and it displays a distorted white snow/noise on TV. So I went and checked the secondary display properties and it wouldn't let me switch (it says Analog Display and the checkmarks next to digital display and TV are not accessible) I spent over 2 hours trying to figure out the ###### thing and it doesn't seem to work... All I get on TV is distored white snow/noise. Another thing is I tried to update my drivers, but it wouldn't accept any other drivers than from DELL - BIOS - nv4_disp.dll

On my desktop have a Geforce 4200Ti with S video output, so that worked flawlessly hooking up to my bedroom TV, however I really need to get the laptop hooked up to the living room big screen, I already ran the RCA cables, set it up, I just need it to get to work. Any advice from techies out there? :)

It's the first time I'm stumped on what to do in 4 years :)

Thanks for any useful input in advance!

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I've got the GeForce4 440 Go 64MB card in my Inspiron 8100, VBIOS, ForceWare 77.77. I use the s-video out port on the laptop with the Dell s-video TV adaptor. That works perfectly. I've never managed to get my TV hooked up successfully off the VGA monitor port.

The video card will detect the presence of the TV automatically if it's hooked up on the s-video connectior.

Check out other posts here for ideas about which version of ForceWare works best for TV output with this card -- some people have had better results with older versions than the one I'm using.

Other posts on the DellTalk forums suggest that you should be cautious about plugging / unplugging the s-video connector while the PC is running.

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I can see 2 causes to your problem:

- I'm not sure but PC monitors work with 0.7Vpp signals while TV need a 1Vpp signal. Plus a TV need a signal that is shaped in the local format NTSC, PAL or SECAM. I'm not sure your adapter has the horsepower to do that.

- for sure you won't see your TV on the geforce TV panel... this panel is made for internal TV converter.

It seems that your computer has a SVideo out port... why didn't you use that one?

Dell Lattitude C840 SVideo TV out pinout.

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I should hang myself...

I never noticed the S-Video out on the laptop... I feel like an idiot right now :)

However, I tried downloading forceware drivers and it wouldn't let me install them, so I just used the latest DELL ones :)

Disregard the drivers issue, I read the FAQ, and feel confident enough that I'll update them on my own.

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