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Overclocking Area51m-7700 LAPTOP


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hi, i'm a newbie to this post and to overclocking, but i have a lil experience in it :) :(

for those of you that own an area51m-7700(that's what the rep there told me i have exactly), geforce go 6800 ultra card 256mb.....and want to overclock your rig(LAPTOP).....

first off you'll need to flash your keyboard bios(this is so that you can use the new feature of turning on your fans to the highest speeds at anytime you want to with the FN+F2 keys) :P ....NOTE: this is not advised to do on your own cause you can or will void your warranty so if you want to to this, you must call up alienware and do it with them on the phone....and another thing....they actually wouldn't want to do it with you so follow a lil advice form this site.....


the first post on that page...follow what he did.....

as for what drivers to use......it's up to you.....i didn't like the performance i got from the 8xxx series, so i'm currently using the 91.33 with the modded .inf....and it works wonderful :) anyways....i would also advice you on using rivertune...wonderful program thanks to the makers......use that program to increase your clock frequences by 1 at a time, no more than 5 at a time or you can bust your card........before you apply the settings, test it out first.......i didn't have the time to download 3dmark, so i just booted up NFSMW, and i don't have any problems......

i'll come back and edit this post if any changes occur.....and once again, only do this at your own risk........DON"T SAY THAT I SAID YOU HAD TO DO IT!!! :) :P

Core Clock: Stock=450 now=460

Memory Clock: Stock=1080 now=1095

those are my current clocks, but i did a test and was way over that, i didn't save it cause i was sleepy :( so i just set it back to default......

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new update :P

Core Clock: Stock=450 now=460

Memory Clock: Stock=1080 now=1095

that was yesturday....



Memory Clock= 1180

and don't even get any glitches or anything..... i :( that the laptop made it when i passed hour #7 playing GRAW<<<that game sucks by the way :P :)

one important thing though....the computer doesn't even last 20 minutes being on when i don't use the FN+F2 feature to put the fans on highest speeds :( :glare:

i still haven't used 3dmark though.....i never liked that program ever since it had fried my HPzv5000 a year ago.....DUMB me left it on and left the house :) came back, house was completely burned down, no joke :)

lets just say i had to pay alot of money :P

anyways, i'll keep updating...... :glare:

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