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How low can you go?


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What's the lowest score you can get in a 3d benchmark? Yes, grab out the old systems!

I've managed 255 in 3dmark2001 SE with a Savage S3 16MB. That was ages ago when my 9800 PRO 256 died on me :)


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What about 0 in 3DMark 2001... I have a S3 Virge on a PCI card that server the sole purpose of testing the PC in case the AGP/PCI Express went down.

So unless someone can pull up a negative score... I win. :)

EDIT: I also have a Matrox Mystique + video addon module... it wears 2 or 4Mb of video buffer.

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how about not being able to run the ###### program at all :P

on an hp system....specs.....

pentium yep, a p1 200mhz

sis graphics card 4mb :)

32mb ram

a cd drive slower than my grandma could walk(no offense grandma :) )

and a 4gb hard drive

all for a nifty price of $1280.00 bought back in the day.......in the days of 1997 :( or was it 98 :glare: :(

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