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Prey performance

Guest YoL8R

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Guest YoL8R

Hey I recently tested Prey on my hardware ... an it sucks very hard. I might have guessed it since this is game is actually very new. But my thought was: I can play quake 4 quite well on low settings with shaders enabled on my geforce fx 5600 go 64MB, 512MB RAM, 2,8 Ghz P IV. So why have such a poor performance in prey. I adapted the settings to match my settings in Q4. I also tried turning everything off but thats not even 2 frames in difference.

Can anybody help or is my graphics card just too bad/old?

Oh I forgot ... just in case, my drivers version is 84.21.

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This is moddified quote from what I said in another topic.

Prey and Quake 4 and some other games all use a moddified form of the Doom3 engine, while I haven't actually played quake 4, which I heard isn't that good anyway, I have beaten Prey on my laptop and it runs much better and looks nicer in a lot of ways than Doom3.

I run Prey at 800x600 with medium textures, meduim Shaders.

The higher shader settings (above med) only work on DX9 cards, just so you guys know (FX5600 could probably run high shaders, or atleast a faster FX card)

If not turning the shaders to med or low would run the game in DX8 mode.

In addition to those options, I have AA, AF, and Vsnyce turned off, and all the other options are yes or no, I have them all set to yes. :)

Singleplayer runs quite well with those settings on my laptop, online its hard to tell as it lags, but I think its mostly net lag, and the engine isn't that optimized for many players, and their are/were only about 30 servers so far, no stand alone dedicated server yet either. (turning down graphics didnt help with online lag).

My sig isn't entirely up to date, but I am currently running the Quadro4 700 GoGL 64MB, P4-M mobile northwood @ 2GHz, and 1 GB of RAM.

Now that I have upgraded from 512MB, I HIGHLY suggest you do too if you game.

I am currently still using 82.10, games run smooth and everything on it, just like all my other games, but any recent series (66.93+) should work in Prey I imagine.

Also, none of guys can have my 1337 limited DVD collectors edition of Prey either. :)

As for you, I would recommend trying some other 8x series drivers, maybe more 83/84 drivers, or 91.31 or 91.33.

What I worry is that you have the dreaded 5600 performance issue, that I don't think has been fixed yet. (possible hardware/manufacturing problem)

What laptop do you have exactly, might be able to upgrade, you really should have a 128 MB in your newer laptop. (and 1 GB of RAM)

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seriously, that game Prey......is a serious repeat of doom and quake 4 all together......too much simular things........and too little things not simular...... :)

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I have to object to that one, its not the same as doom3, different in many ways, only big problems are the netcode still stinks, and its too short.

Gravity flipping, portals, wall walking, and very interesting and unique guns, as well as a better story, sountrack, and other things, don't know how you can say its just like doom3.

Also graphics are better too, although its hard to say for sure as I dont' exactly have a PC fast enough to run it and Doom3 at the highest settings, but I would say it looks better, especially since you can see most of the game without a flashlight mod.

Its also funny too, with the Art Bell radio broadcasts and other secrets.

You also get to operate vehicles, which I don't recall you doing in doom3.

Also has better puzzles than Doom3.

An expansion and sequal are on the way already.

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