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Sony VAIO VGN-S72VP Review


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In its quest to put more power into a small package, Sony is attempting to raise the bar once again with its VAIO SZ series laptops. Using the latest mobile technology from Intel, the diminutive SZ (315x235x33mm, 1.7kg) delivers relatively feature-rich computing at speed with remarkably low power consumption, helping savvy travellers work faster and play longer.


The screen is equally carefully crafted. The ultra-thin LED backlight and light guide give the system one of the slimmest and lightest 13.3-inch WideXGA (1280x800 pixels) laptop displays in existence. Sony’s X-Black LCD enhancement ensures that it’s one of the best looking too, with true black, vivid colour and exceptional brightness and contrast. The innovative ‘Stamina Mode’ switch located underneath the keyboard lets you select between the default Intel integrated GMA 950 graphics for everyday use, and an nVidia GeForce Go 7400 for 3D or HD video performance. This means you can save battery power by not using the nVidia GPU except when needed, boosting battery life up to around 5 hours.

Read the rest of the review here.

News from: DailyTech

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The french hardware color rendering nerd tested the new Sony laptops LED backlights... here is the article (it will be translated soon and will be available on the english BeHardware website.

To sum up... out of the box the Sony new laptop display a LOT of colors (large gamut) but they are all horibly wrong. Once calibrated it displays VERY LITTLE color (small gamut).

So stay away from this laptop if you plan to do image retouching. It's not a matter of technology I have been using perpendicular light injection LED backlights for more than 6 years for work... they do have the power and the homogeneity. Check out the NEC screen on the 6th page of the review... it has a HUGE gamut and a great color confidence.

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