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XPS M1710 Metallic Black Review


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Most gamers are computer geeks who would sooner build their own computer with the parts and configuration they want, rather than having to be locked into a restrictive list of parts and upgrade components from large vendors. While this is predominantly true for desktop computers, in the laptop arena it's hard to build your own custom laptop to meet your exact specifications. As such, many laptop vendors are starting to cash in on laptop units capable of delivering gaming performance.

The most successful company in gaming laptops is undoubtedly Dell. The popularity of their XPS series gaming notebook is truly astounding and the proof can be seen in many different notebook forums around the Internet today and the buzz preceding a new product launch.

On April 18th, NVIDIA launched their next iteration of mobile GPU with the GeForce Go 7900 GTX and GeForce Go 7900 GS, with it was a new Dell XPS notebook: the XPS M1710.

The M1710 has improvements over the predecessor M710 notably the Go 7900 graphics, but it stays true to the vision - offer a superb and unique gaming experience in a mobile form factor. We're going to examine a Metallic Black Armor XPS M1710 configuration today that comes loaded with 2 GB of RAM, a T2600 Core Duo CPU, and a GeForce Go 7900 GS.

Read the full review here.

News from: DailyTech

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Nice picture/bandwidth stealing sn0wl, check your links next time.

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