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Sony VAIO go7600 and OpenGL


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Hi all.

I'm installing some programs on a friend's laptop (Sony VAIO VGN-FE21M) and came across a small game that requires at least OpenGL 1.1.

The laptop's current drivers are 84.18 (vendor-installed) and run under Win XP Pro MCE 2005 SP2.

I downloaded and will install some newer vendor drivers (v84.73) but in the meantime, how come OpenGL 1.1 is not available? I thought that was part of the driver by default.

I also got v91.31 with the modded INF to try.

Considering it's not my computer to fool around with, do you have any suggestions on which route to go?

Is there something special about these laptops and MCE that requires vendor drivers?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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OpenGL 1.1 is supported for years. OpenGL 1.5 is supported from 61.76 and up. OpenGL 2.0 is supported from 77.72 and up.

So if the game doesn't work... there is something else.

The best driver for your friend is either the 84.25 or the official Sony driver.

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You're right.

I verified with OpenGL Extension Viewer and the driver supports up to OpenGL v2.0.

The game didn't run in my deskyop either but it run on another PC with Win2000.

I checked at the game's site and they claim support up to Win2000. XP is not mentioned so this game goes to the trash bin.

Thank you for your time.

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