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1959 Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe


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I know, completely unrelated :)

But this is a piece of American History up for sale.

The above can only be viewed on an NVIDIA based laptop, any other GPU will not show it half as well :)

1959 the year the American Car industry made it's most radical designs.

Huge fins, chrome for miles etc.

1959 Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe as shown best from behind with it's huge boot, sometimes used to land helicopters on :P

My wife?s parents have a 1959 Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe up for sale, to make room for a 1961 Chev convertible that needs the same treatment.

The 59 Chev has been restored to better than new condition using all original parts etc.

You will not find a better version of this car I would think.

For more piccies and an opportunity to own this amazing Automobile have a look here

I'll leave this here for a day and then shift it to a more appropriate section.

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After all these years your inlaws came to the conclusion it was not the perfect car for driving under the New-Zealand snow.

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Relisted auction, you get another chance.

Yes this would not perfrom well on snow, big V8 big, wide tyres.

The size of this machine could mean that you could have a ski resort on it :)

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I prefer my little european sized french car that has a 110hp diesel engine with a mileage of 55 miles per gallon. And all the electronic thingies that allows me to actually drive the car in case I'm driving on snow.

And I have a picture that you can get those in New Zealand:


ps: that is exactly how my car looks like... the 205 R 17 W tires cost an arm and a kidney.

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I've seen those cars before in shopping malls when doing the groceries, they never steer very well.

Where is the child seat ?


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Child seat not yet visible from the outside... we are using a shell facing the rear of the car since she still need some exercise to hold perfectly her big balloon head.

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