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Lost anyone have a clue?


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Hey guys I have a toshiba 5025-s703 with the gforce 440 installed in it. Recently though ive been getting pink and green lines on my screen. I ve even tried hooking it up to a external monitor and the lines are still there. If I push down on the cover by the keyboard the line come and go. Does anyone know if its a loose cable or someting else I can fix because the motherboard is $700.00 and I really can't afford that much now.

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Sounds like a broken/loose cable, or the inverter might be going bad or not seated right.

Pull machine apart to where you can press to fix the problem.

Check the cable and also make sure the inverter board (normally seperate from MB) is seated right.

The cable could be kinked or not seated in it's socket properly.

Hopefully this will save you some $$, if you need to spend $700 on a part for your lappy you may as well get a new one.

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As your warranty is up and away i would completely take apart the baby.

To do that, use the disassembly guides in the FAQ area. It worked pretty well here using these. Watch the screws (put them away ORDERLY :) ). And buy yourself a specialedized screwdriver which can handle tiny Mx screws (forgot the sizes, but it's all in themanual).

- clean out all dust

- reseat all cables (including inverter -> it's all in the manual again :) )

- clean and reapply new thermal paste @ CPU heatsink (-> temp goes down by 10 degrees)

Put back everything (leave away the 15 screws from the case for time saving reasons) to test your screen. If the output is OK again, you"re all set, if not you can either spend more time and money to replace the screen or Mainbaord or (as it's open anyways) take out the CPU, cPad ( :P ) and all other movable parts and sell them at EBAY.

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