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AuthenTec fingerprint - latest drivers


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AuthenTec Fingerprint drivers

  • v6.28.11.0, dated 2005-03-10
  • Driver only, use "Have Disk" method to install
  • WHQL
  • Changelog:
    The following describes changes made to the swipe sensor device driver ATSwpDrv.sys for the WHQL release version This list includes changes from the WHQL release version though inclusive.
    - Extended selective suspend sleep time to 14 seconds for AES2501A. This improves processor C3 state times.
    - Added GPO PIDs 2588 to 258F to the INF file.
    - INF changed to remove the installation completed message program ATSwpDrv.dll
    - String in INF file for emulator board (Vid=0x8FF, PID=0xFFFF) changed to "AuthenTec Sensor (Emulator)".
  • Supports the following devices:
    %AES1600REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_1600
    %AES2500REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2500
    %AES2501REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2501
    %AES2502REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2502
    %AES2503REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2503
    %AES2504REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2504
    %AES2505REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2505
    %AES2506REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2506
    %AES2507REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2507
    %AES2508REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2508
    %AES2509REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2509
    %AES250AREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250A
    %AES250BREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250B
    %AES250CREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250C
    %AES250DREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250D
    %AES250EREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250E
    %AES250FREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_250F
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2580
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2588
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2589
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258A
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258B
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258C
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258D
    %AES2580REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258E
    %AES258FREFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_258F
    %AES2510REFBoard%=ATSwpDrv.Dev, USB\VID_08FF&PID_2510
    which is
    AES1600REFBoard="AuthenTec AES1600"
    AES2500REFBoard="AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2501REFBoard="AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2502REFBoard="AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2503REFBoard="AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2504REFBoard=" AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2505REFBoard=" AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2506REFBoard=" AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2507REFBoard=" AuthenTec AES2501"
    AES2508REFBoard="AuthenTec Inc AES2501"
    AES2509REFBoard="AuthenTec Inc AES2501"
    AES250AREFBoard=" AuthenTec Inc AES2501"
    AES250BREFBoard=" AuthenTec Inc AES2501"
    AES250CREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501"
    AES250DREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501"
    AES250EREFBoard=" AuthenTec Inc. AES2501"
    AES250FREFBoard=" AuthenTec Inc. AES2501"
    AES2580REFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES2588REFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES2589REFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258AREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258BREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258CREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258DREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258EREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES258FREFBoard="AuthenTec Inc. AES2501."
    AES2510REFBoard="AuthenTec AES2510"
    AESEMULATORBoard="AuthenTec Sensor (Emulator)"

Download the driver HERE (75kb).

Download the changelog HERE (387kb).

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HERE you can download an updated version from HP.


- Corrects issue where the fingerprint sensor may disappear when resuming from Standby or Hibernation mode.

- Improves power management handling for the fingerprint sensor.

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  • The version 8 series does not seem to work with current versions of DigitalPersona Personal (3.1).
  • To use the series 8 drivers with Softex OmniPass 6 on an AES2550 you need to have version or newer.
  • There were some tools included with the driver installation, inter alia:
    • Version 7:
      • a tool for configuring the fingerprint reader (motion sensivity, tap sensivity, repeat delay), to make it possible to use it like a scrollwheel or a trackball (did not work for me though), adjust it's orientation, activate logging or to activate a "Anti Spoofing" function (trueprint.exe / trueprint64.exe).

      [*]Version 8:

      • a program to be ran as a service to avoid UAC (ATService.exe) probably used by other applications
      • a tool for using the fingerprint reader as a scrollwheel and adjust it's positioning (TrueprintPanel.exe / TrueprintPanel64.exe).

    I didn't include these files, but if you are interested in them, just let me know.

Have fun!

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There is a (2008-10-02) and probably a version floating somewhere around the net.


Authentec (2008-08-07)

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Guest Guest
Anyone was able to download the Windows 7 version of the tools mentioned above? I am looking for a mirror of the 64bits version of these drivers.

try again the above link it works now

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