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How to enable DualView on Windows 2000 - GeForce FX Go5200 32M/64M


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After 4 days of intensive reseach I just have to admit : I can't get the thing working myself so I need some help. :)

Here's the deal:


Toshiba Tecra M2

NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32M/64M


MS Windows 2000

A friend of mine got just the same laptop and I saw him using it with DualView so I was thinking: "that could really make my life easier", considering the fact that I use my laptop for at least 8 hours a day.

The problem: I'm using Windows 2000 while he's got Windows XP.

The goal: enable DualView on Windows 2000

What has been done already?

1. Current driver: 66.93

-> no DualView option

2. Tested the official drivers from Toshiba: 46.44

-> no DualView option which is strange because my friend has got this version installed on his Windows XP.

3. Tested the recommended 84.25 with Pieter's INF version 31.57

-> DualView option can be enabled

-> After a restart, I can select DualView

==> Error Code 106


1. Highly unlikely but anyway: is there someone here who's running the same setup as I (incl. W2K) for which DualView does work?

2. The second test I ran: is it possible that the option is not available on Windows 2000 but it does on Windows XP.

3. On the forum here I found a bunch of Registry tweaks that are related to DualView, like NVTweak\NvCplExposeWin2kDualView so I was wondering if anyone knows which things I'd need to add to the Windows Registry in order to make this working.

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What happens when you boot your laptop with an external screen plugged? Does it starts in clone mode? Does it become the primary screen?

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I feel a bit stupid now cos I found the solution myself just after I posted this thread ... :)

1. Added the NvCplExposeWin2kDualView to the Registry (value 1)

-> I had found this variable using the Registry Monitor of Sysinternals. When I clicked on the NVidia Settings Tray Icon, this one came by as NOT_FOUND.

2. The DualView option became available so I installed it.

-> reboot .............

3. "Found new Hardware" :)

-> ah right, NVIDIA DualView :(

4. Picked the original NV4_DISP.INF (10/29/2004,

Result: DualView is up and running fine now. :(

Lessons learned:

- The 66.93 drivers which I used was actually based upon the OEMINFS : NVTS.INF

- NvCplExposeWin2kDualView was not set in the NVTS.INF

- Last but not least : never give up till ya find the solution ........ :P

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RegMon is what i use to find culprits too :) Btw Mark Russonivich and his fellow are now in the MS clan ( they bought them as far as i understood).

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Btw Mark Russonivich and his fellow are now in the MS clan ( they bought them as far as i understood).

Yeah sadly enough MS sorta 'bought' them ... I really hope they can keep their tools as freeware 'cos these are truly *the best* .. :)

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NvCplExposeWin2kDualView is enabled since years in Pieter's INF, and as you have tried 84.25 with Pieter's INF it seems now that 84.25 does not support DualView for Windows 2000??

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