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LCD rendering lag behind CRT

Fabrice Roux

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The french PC hardware testing site www.hardware.fr just posted a nice article on the rendering lag of LCD in comparison to CRT. The official translated version is online.

Here is the Google translated version of the page.

I'll add the official translated version when it will be released.

Vincent Alzieu their screen and printers specialist received some emails stating that LCD were laging behind CRT. He ran some tests in clone mode... the lag varies from screen to screen.

After the screen test he includes the full rendering chain. (mouse, CPU, GPU and screen) His final scenarii are:

- a good mouse + CRT + VSYNC OFF gives a lag of 6ms.

- an average mouse + average LCD + VSYNC OFF gives a lag of 48.7ms. (3 frames delay @ 60Hz)

- a slow mouse + slow LCD + VSYNC ON gives a lag of 85 ms. (5 frames delay @ 60Hz)

When you add the DSL lag... you understand how easy it is to turn Average Joe into that gruyere-3035.jpg under *pick popular FPS game*.

EDIT: added the link to the translated article.

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Is it just me or does this not man anything unless they compare a good mouse with CRT with a good mouse with LCD, an average mouse with CRT vs. the same mouse with LCD, etc? The three you just listed just tell me what I already know: that mice can lag.

Sure I know that LCDs have a slwer response time than CRTs, but what you listed doesn't really show that clearly.

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Those figures are just for comparison between best case scenario and worse ones. Fast mouse on fast LCD leads to a 2+ frames lag.

Imagine the LAN party with the poor guy coming with his CRT + Razer mouse axing the rich kid with the latest hardware including a large LCD. :)

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