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Lego Star Wars ?


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Hi All,

My youngest son is really crazy about "Lego Star Wars" after playing it on a friend's PS2. I am trying to install "Lego Star Wars" for PC to avoid us buying a PS2, but setup termintaes with an error message:

Sorry, but your machine is unable to run this game.

We require a graphics card which supports vertex and pixel shader v1.1

The game will now exit.

I cannot believe my system (see specs in signature) is really unable to run such a "small children"'s game or ?

P.S. I am running this forum's modded v77.77 driver. I have already selected the "Lego Star Wars" profile in the advanced display settings. The error message remains the same. Am I forgetting something obvious here ?

Thanks for any assistance.


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Since you use a recent driver that comes with DirectX 9.0c support... if the game refuses to install your hardware is lacking essential features. It has nothing to do with the target audience... just the programming.

Your Geforce 4 Go is based on the desktop Geforce 2... which is old. (as in released in the previous millenium)

The first mobile GPU that supports 1.1 shaders is the Geforce 4 Go 4200. (based on the desktop Geforce 4)

Smells like you'll have to get this PS2 or... a poney as a decoy. In my experience go for the PS2. :)

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Would anyone have a work-around for this game to start on my system ?

Emulator software ? (I've tried 3danalysis with many different settings, no use)

hidden command line switches for starting the game in non-pixel shader mode ???



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If 3danalyse and modding the games config doesn't work then you need the Quadro4 700 GoGL (same card I have) or maybe the Radeon 9000 mobility, only 2 cards for this laptop that support pixel shaders.

But a PS2 these days is probably much cheaper than the Quadro4 700 GoGL, and much much much much easier to aquire new or used. (if you really want the Quadro its 6x935 part number, Dell business spare parts [$300+] or ebay)

The Radeon card I know little about.

But switching out the cards is simple, although you will need a nice driver cleaning before you physically remove the card, and especially a good cleaning is needed if your switching to ATI. :)

Dell has documentation if your interested in the upgrade.

You could also sue the game manufacturers for not offering DX7 fixed function hardware support.

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