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TOSHiBA Virtual Sound M Update


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Since a few days we have uploaded a new version of TOSHiBA Virtual Sound plus our modded version TVS M. Quite a big jump from the April version 1.03.08 now reaching 1.03.12 and fixing -among other things- the issue with not beeing capable to enhance music output when used with Windows Media Player.

Currently TVS M supports the following soundcards:

  • ac97intc - Intel® 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Audiocontroller
  • aeaudio - Analog Devices AC'97
  • AEAudioService - Andrea Audio
  • allegro - ESS Allegro PCI Audio (WDM)
  • ALCXWDM - Realtek AC'97 Audio
  • cs429x - Cirrus Logic Crystal WDM Audio Codec
  • emu10k - SoundBlaster Live! Value (Desktop PC) - Doesn't work as expected with default settings (long cracking sound effects) - incompatible or needs Troubleshooting?
  • es1969 - ESS ES1969
  • IntcAzAudAddService - RealTek HD
  • maestro - ESS Maestro
  • smwdm - SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
  • stac97 - Sigmatel STAC 9750 AC97, Sigmatel C-Major Audio
  • sthda - SigmaTel HDA
  • VIAudio - VIA Technologies Implended Audio in the Southbridge VT8237
  • WDM_YAMAHAAC97 - Yamaha AC97 :)

If your Soundcard is not in the list, don't hesitate to ask adding it. Windows XP Pro and 2003 users can quickcheck if their service is supported by running the LV2Go TVSASI script. Users of Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home should use the LV2Go NERD tool (detection of HDAudio cards is currently not supported :) , i'm working on it).

More information and download links for

On a sidenote and as giving credit is an almost forgotten behaviour elsewhere:

We would not have been able to offer this service for the enthusiast notebook community without the initial idea of adding sound services to TVS from Alcahest and the actual modded file from Ultima, who is also maintaining it :P

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So you're saying we can run it on our non-Toshiba laptops now ?

Will test this as fast as I find some time !! :)

EDIT: Noooos... I've must have missed some stuff here... :) this was already so long available here...

Now, bether late than never :P

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Yep... since around half a year i think.

Btw sn0wl did this amazing job: he cleaned up and updated both TVS threads by summarizing all information.

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