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7900 GTX 512 @ Nexos Osiris

Guest sOULSN

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Guest sOULSN

Hi Guys ,

Today i get my new notebook and the driver from startup sux really.

now i check the 91.37 drvier with all modifictions... everything works fine , but they dont get trhoug the nvidida whql :) , but i finished the installation , for my test i use cod2 , at first i chnage the settings to normal and i have @ dx 9 80 fps and @ dx 7 91 fps and com_maxfps are 0 .

i dont understand why i got low fps ?? my last notebook with a 6800 make in dx 7 more then 200 fps ?

Can someone tell me which driver give the best support to that gfx card ?

now i check one of the 80er series , after that i tell u my experience:)

i hope some guys can help me i need my 125 fps @ dx9

greetz soul

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Past 60 frames per second there is little to no gain. What is your working resolution? If your previous laptop had a 1024x768 and now you need to feed a 1920x1200 monster no wonder you have a "drop" in frame rate.

There is no real difference in driver performance and compatibility past 84.25. (read no major game issue fixed) 84.25 is a great driver.

Plus I kinda doubt your 200fps result... all the benchmark I saw on COD2 have much lower rates.

A desktop GeForce 7800 GTX 512 coupled with an Athlon FX-55 gives 46 fps at 1280x1024.

Tom's Hardware gives similar results... SLI 7800 GTX squeezes 65 fps at 1024x768 noAA noAF while a single 7800 gives 47fps.

ps: do you measure your FPS while watching an empty sky???

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Guest Guest

okay ty , however i change theresolution 2 1024x768 or 1440x900 its would be the same problem , but in dx 7 91 fps ?? its not serious .

ANd pls believe me when i sad that i have with a geforce 6800 go @ 1440 x900 @ dx 7 when i look in the sky more then 300-400 when i look straigt , between 150-200 in buldings or outside .

so someone wanna tell me that a 1900x1200 @ dx 7 stopped my notebook

and my last notebook 1440x900 @ dx 7 never make some problems to top the 200 fps , so ihope there are other ways to check that problem

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Gast, wie alt bist Du?

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Guest Guest

Now everything works fine .

dx7 @ 1440x900 = 250 -300 fps ingame (no sky looking)

dx7 @ 1900x1200 = 200 fps ingame

dx9 @ 1024x768 = 119 fps ingame

dx9 @ 1900x1200 = 60-80 fps ingame

but thats not all , i hope i can fixed it the next days to get the best fps score ingame . without to loose the nice grafic with picmip 3 or something.

all test are only , highest options and resultions . aa 2x af 8x

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