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please dont yell at me for this...


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I tried to post in the FAQs but it wont let me... um... I read the starter thingie to try and update my drivers but.... since I'm only 14 and I'm the only on in my house who knows anything about computers can someone help me on updating and stuff or explain it in a less complicated way? I understand a little bit about installing the drivers but I dont understand about picking which ones to install. My drivers support games like Guild Wars Factions and Jedi Academy but I cant play Beyond Good and ERvil, Battlefield 2, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic... and yes... I actually have good gramar... :)

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Use 84.25....Anything past that doesn't really add much and definetely doesn't improve performance. It will let you run all those games BTW.

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Your graphic card is a DirectX 7 class card (understand older hardware) some of the recent games require a DirectX 9 class card to run. So look up the minimum requirements of those games (usually on the box that came with the game or the game website) it will instantly tell you if you'll be able to play the game at all.

If it's the driver limiting your gaming... go for 84.25.

ps: the FAQ section is for moderators only... it would become a mess if everybody could post there.

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