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Dell XPS M170 Go 68 Ultra Driver


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Ok, so recently I installed the latest drivers there is and pretty much I started having stuttering problems on my Laptop (been almost a week or more).

Games like Oblivion, BF2, and other small minor (sometimes online) games work well but then they take a nose dive and start the common slideshow syndrome...some time after, they resume normal play at good FPS, but and then again they dive down to slideshow...

Also, when I quit a game, there's a 50% chance that the res. of my screen will go down to 640' (which my Laptop doesn't support) and this can cause issues in which my Laptop won't start up another game unless I reboot...also, closing the lid further increases the chances by 20%...

Annoying if you ask me since I have to reboot it to play a game or use the net...

It's been happing ever since the 91.33 Driversm (and a week over)...

I want to ask the pro's over here, could you tell me which driver is the over-all best and problem free for my system? That would be a great aid for me...

Thanks for your time and reading and understanding...

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Try 84.25, it's good. 90 series still have a long way to go.

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