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Intel Wireless Patch


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Two problems affect certain versions of its Pro/Wireless Network Connection Hardware, part of its Centrino mobile platform, Intel said. The vulnerabilities lie in drivers from Microsoft, Intel said.

The flaws could allow an attacker near a Wi-Fi station to run unauthorized code on a victim's machine or gain kernel-level privileges.

A third vulnerability affects Intel's Proset/Wireless Software. It could lead to a hacker obtaining authentication credentials, Intel said.

So far, no attempts have been made to exploit the vulnerabilities, Intel said.

The new drivers also can be downloaded from here.

Read the rest of the article here.

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It's advised to wait for OEM version... there are a lot of issues that range from loss of complete settings to permanent BSOD.

Given that there are currently no exploit... wait the little week it will take the major OEM to release a customized driver.

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