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BSOD with all drivers


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I have a Qosmio G10 with a Geforce GO FX 5700 and i got BSOD with ~20 drivers tested here, always with the same message (BSOD with nv4_mini.sys).

The only one who work is the one from toshiba.

I have tested with 7x, 8x and 9x drivers, always with same result.

One time i successfully installed the 77.30 one but after some tests, now even this one won't want to work!

The problem, my favorite game (settlers) don't work with my current drivers!

With the preinstalled system, settlers work, but after 1 year 1/2 i have resintalled system for having a clean (and fast) system but now without the settlers :)

If anyone have tips ...


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You want to read the FAQ recommended drivers, this will explain why you should use 67.66. You'll get the best performance and there are little FX specific issues solved in newer drivers.

Since you installed gazillion versions of drivers you want to install this driver on a clean system... either fresh install or Driver Cleaner method. *it hurts when I says that*

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We had lots of G10 users successfully updated their drivers so it might be something with your system. I would suggest a clean install but it seems like you are already trying those drivers after a clean install. Anyway just to be sure you are doing the process right, please read drv_quickstart.gifForceware Updater's Quickstart Guide. You might want to try 84.25 but it will probably need Overlay Fix tweak.

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