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Thanks Fabrice, everyone else!


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A few days ago I purchased an Inspiron 9300 based on a bunch of research. I think it will give me the most bang for my buck. The other day I found these forums while searching around and have learned a LOT about my system's capabilities so far! In the past I had a Toshiba Satellite with a 16mb GeForce 2 Go (High end in its day!). I bought it because I wanted a mobile machine that could play Quake 3. I wish I knew about this site when I still had that ole tank.

Anyways, you guys have a great pool of information here with some very informed posters. I look forward to cranking out as much power as I can from my new laptop. The specs are as follows:

Pentium M 740 1.73ghz Processor

1GB 533Mhz Dual Channel DDR2

100GB 7200RPM SATA Hardrive

NVIDIA Geforce 6800Go 256MB

17" Wide UXGA with Truelife @ 1920x1200

I think I'll be running the standard out of the box drivers, running a few benchmarks, then seeing how the 84.25 drivers work and how much power I can push outta the thing via overclocking the card. I may even try Fabrice's coveted 84.30 Dell drivers. :)

Thanks again for all the info guys. Great site and I look forward to further comm!


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You might want to skip the 84.25 and jump to Dell 84.30...

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