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I can't to switch CPU frequency (NEED HELP!)


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Good day!

I am realy sorry if I make off-topic now, but realy need your help.

I just buy used DELL Inspiron 5150 with Pentium IV 3,06GHz onboard and have no instruction manual for it.

The problem is follow: the CPU works on 1.60GHz and can't to switch it to full speed 3.06GHz

When I run BIOS setup, so, I see follow:

Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz/1.60 GHz

Curent CPU Speed: 1.60GHz

... and there is no way to change it.

If somebody know how to change this #$@$% speed, please, leave the reply on this topic!

Waiting for your kindest reply and sorry for my bad English. :-(

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While I am not totatly familiar with that laptop, you should be able to change BIOS pages using a key like alt+F4 (that is what mine is for example) to change to a page where you can change the speedstep setting for your CPU.

I would suggest you check out this topic for a custom INF and help with your laptop.


It should say on the bottem of your BIOS screen what the key is to change to a different BIOS menu.

Your from Ukraine acording to your flag/profile so I guess here is your local manual in Russian I would assume.


Other languages here.


Also welcome to the forum. :)

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For the sake of using smiley, welcome

There isnt any Windos utility to change SpeedStep? BTW I thought those P4's didn't have speedstep.

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