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Notebook Video Graphics Card Guide 2006


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Found this over at NotebookReview.com, an excellent article on everything Laptop Graphics.

It's to the point and makes for very good reading.

It mentions both Nvidia and ATI GPU's and best of all good reasons why NOT to buy Intel integrated Graphics.

Here is a wee snippet:


Since 2005's GPU review, notebook graphics hardware has done us the kindness of simplifying. The options on the market are somewhat fewer and it's to our benefit, but it's still somewhat confusing. I've seen questions on the forums that to some of us may seem comical: "Is an X1300 graphics card better than an X700?" To the graphics geek, it's a stupid question. But to a neophyte, it can be very confusing. After all, 1300 is greater than 700, isn't it?

You see how it is.

This year is a good year for notebook graphics because a number of factors in the equation have simplified, and because gaming is becoming increasingly accessible in the notebook field, and conditions are constantly improving.

I encourage you to go back and read my 2005 GPU review, as it goes over certain subjects in depth, where most of them will only be touched on here. With the changes in the market, this 2006 GPU review sees some refinements from the prior year.

For the whole article wonder on over here

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