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Hello guys,

I am a friend of Bill's(just in case you don't know me yet), and I just like to give you some tips for all the people who play counterstrike1.6, source, and all the games related to "STEAM."

As you know, Steam has updated their VAC lately and all the staff've been very paranoid in these days. I'd like to call them a bunch of morons who don't know what they are doing, but anyways, I am not very upset as I had been. I'd like to tell you a short story about me getting banned from steam for no reasons whatsoever, and hopefully this might give you a precaution. Here's the story.

I've been playing Counter Strike for roughly more than 4 years(mostly cs1.6), and for last whole week, I worked on my new server, doing nothing but working on the server. And lately, steam staff members(both from forums and support section) have been literally begging people to let them know of websites where you can download counterstrike and all the other steam games. So I reckoned they were trying to improve their VAC2 system and try to ban as many hackers as possible. Why not help them if the group's wish is same as mine? So I gave them some tips that there are some websites out there where you can download some hacks&VAC2 proof hacks for the game. They were interested about knowing the links and asked me to PM any moderators of the site, so they'd be able to investigate/whatever they said. So I sent PMs to three different moderators(just in case) with the websites URLs and many information.

Within 24 hours, my account got banned from all the secured servers. I was speechless... I went back to the forums and support section, asked them why they've banned me. They kept saying, "we do not unbann any steam IDs that have been banned from steam." and closed my topic. I didn't understand so made three other topics and they just closed them down immediately too.

I didn't even get to play the game for a while, just because i was working on my cs1.6 server for a whole week. Giving them a hand resulted to permanent bann.

For those who don't know much stuff, I'd like to let you know that do not deal with the steam staff. They are a bunch of morons who don't know what they are doing. If you are planning to report some official hacking websites or private sites, forget about them, they will most likely think you are a part of them and bann you ASAP.

Just play the game and don't ever bother with the forums or the site at all.

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