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Satellite P105-S921 Crashing - Video Issue?


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Hey All :)

My first time posting here. You guys have been such a help so far, figured maybe you could save me again.

I'm on a Toshiba Satellite P105-S921 with an nVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS video card. I'm using 91.28 Driver. OS is XP Pro.

The computer is about 2-3 months old and I'm having some issues with it shutting off on me. This usually occurs while I'm playing WoW (I can't say with 100% certainty that it only happens then, but I think that's when it only happens) At first I thought the computer was overheating, since it's a laptop and is a power-hungry one at that. I had the fan replaced and bought a cooling pad. I clean the fan out regularly as well. However, the computer is still turning off, even when it's cool. I've rethought my original assumption that the issue was overheating. I've done virus scans, contacted the game's support team, and turned off XP's Automatic Restart option, but to no avail. Figured maybe it's a video issue since, well, I can't think of anything else

At my wits end with this and could use some help


I am also getting this error when I turn the computer off:

nvsvc32.exe - Application Error

Instruction at 0x00407d76 referenced at 0x000000008 memory could not be "read"

I don't know if my two issues are related though.

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Well I decided to try a different driver, so I installed the recommended 84.25 and that error message is gone.

If that had anything to do with the other issue only time will tell

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Don't use 91.xx drivers yet... for laptop users those are pointless stability wise, performance wise and feature wise.

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