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No Picture in WMP video while Playing Game


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When I'm playing WoW the picture for any video I play in Windows Media Player (and most other players for that matter) does not show up. The sound is fine, but no picture.

My system:

Toshiba Satellite P105-S921

nVidia GeForce G0 7900 GS 256MB graphics card

Microsoft Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2

Direct X 9.0 (or better)

Driver: 84.25

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Please rephrase that... it might be clear for you and other World of Warcraft players... but for us there is no chance to understand.

You want to display a picture to other players and a Windows Media Player show up. ???? :)

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When I said "and most other players for that matter" I meant other video players.

Basically the issue is this - when playing World of Warcraft the video aspect for any movie that is playing outside the game, whether in WMP or on an internet site or wherever, does not show up. So if I download a video or something and want to watch it, there will be no picture. The sounds plays fine but that's it. If I close WoW, though, the video works fine.

Hope that's a little clearer :)

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Much clearer now...

So you play the game in a windowed mode... that is not good for performance. You want to to go in the Video overlay panel and play with the VMR option. This might be a good start.

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I don't play in windowed mode. If I want to watch a video I can just Alt + Tab out of the game, minimizing the game until I want to go play it again.

I've tried turning VMR on and off and I've gotten the INF Enhanced filed for the 84.25 driver. Didn't make a difference

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Given the extreme behaviour... (Alt tabing on a DirectX game is like suicidal) I never tried to do such thing. So I have no idea if it's even doable.

Did it worked with previous drivers? (read with Toshiba official driver)

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