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Choice Between Error or Low FPS


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I know this is like my 5th thread in 2 days, but I'm off to college this friday and I want everything up and running before I go.

With that said, I can't find a driver that works right.

So here's the story. I first had this error every time I shut down:

nvsvc32.exe - Application Error

Instruction at 0x00407d76 referenced at 0x000000008 memory could not be "read"

I was using 91.28 so I changed to 84.25

At first everything seemed fine. Last night everything was running fine. However, when I logged onto WoW today my FPS was in the red (2-4FPS). After going through a laundry list of things to try and fix this, I figured I'd see if going to another driver would help. So I installed the 91.33 driver. Game works, but the error is back. So I decided to try something between the two. This brought me to the 87.08 driver, which works in concerns to the game and its FPS, but it too causes this error to pop up on shut down.

I can't find a driver that works but doesn't cause that error.

My system:

Toshiba Satellite P105-S921

nVidia GeForce G0 7900 GS 256MB graphics card

Microsoft Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2

Direct X 9.0 (or better)

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What is wrong with Toshiba official driver? The 7900 GS is like one of the latest card... so I expect the Toshiba is at least providing a 84.xx driver. I bet it will work perfectly on your laptop.

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