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"could not copy nvdisps.dll"


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After I've installed a new version of winxp I wanted to install the 84.26-driver from this site for my inspiron 9400 with geforce 7800go.

After I changed the inf-file-name to nvdisp.inf and copied it into the driver direction the installation stops and says that the file nvdisps.dll couldn't be copied and I should insert an nvidia windows 200/xp driver library installation disk to solve the problem.

Where can I get the missing file?

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You shouldn't need to be renaming files here, leave that to us. :)

The default name is nv4_disp.inf

It should now work in the install with that name.

The mod INF files we host here should be named that by default, or they use the OEM name by default, if its an OEM driver.

As you will see there is a matching nv4_disp.dll to go with the INF, and it is a core part of the driver.


That one is named properly. :)

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There's a reference for the new extreme buggy Control Panel missing in this particular INF for that NOT RECOMMENDED driver :)

LV2Go recommends using 84.25 :)

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oh I downloaded the wrong file - shame on me

thanks for your help and hints - now everything works fine

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