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Dell D800 and TV out


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I've got a couple bugs with my laptop,wondering if there is a modded driver that will fix these.

The laptop is always used in desktop mode and i have SVGA output going to my TV, for just viewing movies in overlay fullscreen mode. I never use the TV for any desktop related activiies.

-closing the laptop lid forces my primary display to swap to the secondary display (i.e. the TV becomes the main computer/desktop screen) , cannot find an option to disable this. It usually returns back to the Laptop display when i lift the lid again. Sometimes though it refuses to come back and i may have to hard reset the laptop.

-the tv out video picture is not making full use of my TV display area, there is about 1inch empty black borders around either the desktop background image, or any movies that are played.

I'm using the latest dell release drivers.

Appreciate any help ,thanks.

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I can't help you on the close lid issues... just don't fully close it. :)

About the black frame, the PC sends everything available thru the SVGA. Unlike TV out thru SVideo there is little you can do to overscan the image to fill the TV screen.

Doest your TV offer zooming capabilities? Like the 16/9 to 4/3 modes.

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Could you please tell us the driver version? (and more info about how your connecting your TV, resolution, ect)

There should be an option in the nvidia control panel to strech TV size, atleast for an S-Video output.

If you are getting your outputs confused I can't help you.

Your card might have some of the issues as mine has. (both Dell NV28s)

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