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TV-Out Problems with 4200Go

Guest Heepyung Cho

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Guest Heepyung Cho

Hi! :-)

I am using Dell Ispiron8500 with 4200Go(Chrontel7009). I am trying to connect my laptop to the tv, but I keep getting black borders around the screen. I tried installing TV-tool, but it doesn't seem to support Chrontel7009. Is there any way to remove this black border...?

Thanks. :)

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Does the Dell 82.10 driver do this? (use Dell INF included with that driver)

Also what output and standard are you using?

Some of the chips have limitations on their features, our NV28's might be one of them.

Also, atleast with these older Dell cards, generally a specific driver or tweak is needed to work right with TV out.

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In my experience, the chrontel chip is not handled quite to its fullest potential on the gf4200go and 700gogl. This results in only one "overscan" (amount of black space around image) per mode to be available, and this one is usually much too high (leading to the visible black borders on the tv).

I have found the mode with the lowest overscan to be NTSC 1024x768, so you might want to give this a try.

I havent noticed differences in drivers regarding this issue...


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