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hp laptop dv8380us (dv8000 series), NVIDIA and DirectX


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I have a brand new HP Pavilion laptop dv8380us (dv8000t series) that comes with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 256Mo.

Each time I use the virtual scrolling just any scrolling bar on any programs my screen turns off and on continuously.

I think it has something to do with DirectX but I am not sure.

I can fix the problem if I slide left the hardware acceleration all the way to none but then there are a lot of programs that use DirectX that pop up warning messages referring to DirectX.

I am using the manufacturer driver 84.54

I have updated the latest bios for my laptop (F.15A)

Bios for the NVIDIA card:

After I spoke with HP tech support, they didn?t have any other solution than the hardware acceleration setup mentioned above.

I have also tried to update the driver with different other version 91.45, 84.25, 84.63 but nothing changes for my problem.

Am I alone?

Did someone ever come up with a solution?

Thank you for your help! :)

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What is Virtual Scrolling? What kind of touchpad?

Try updating Chipset drivers and Touchpad drivers. Updated TP drivers can be found in our forums.

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Updating the touchpad driver didn't help but I have narrowed down the problem significantly:

I have found out that in the GeForce Control panel and under the PowerMizer option in "AC Outlet" or Battery Mode you can never go all the way up to maximum performance without creating a screen flickering problem.

It was to be either Maximum saving or Balanced and everything is working perfect then (maybe a little slow thou).

So now that I have temporary fixed the problem i would like to know first what is the diference between these 3 modes (Maximum saving, balanced, and Maximum performance) and second what can I do to have the Maximum performance mode working without having my screen fleckering or having any other strange behaviour.

Thak you for your halp... :)

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We bought two of these systems. One worked fine. The other didn't. In fact, it wouldn't even boot Windows successfully because setup didn't complete properly.

Anyways, after obtaining the latest nvidia driver A from HP (and rebooting) I also ran Windows Update - Express mode.

5 updates were installed:

- KB890830

- KB920872

- KB920685

- KB919007

- KB922582

then reboot.

Didn't have anymore problems with video at all...

i'm happy!

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