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My support question is about the best video drivers suited for a Geforce go 7300, I know it has been mentioned before "GeForce 7xxx cards - 80 and up" but I'm a idiot when it comes to computer tec. I recently did an idiotic thing by downloading the 91.45 driver. YEs I didn't read the info, and the following happened:

Install, restart, login, after a few seconds, windows crashes to a screen which mentions why windows had to do this for hardware safety reasons(nv4 issue). This is why I think it's best for me to ask some of you who might know, which driver is the best to go with, for a Toshiba with go 7300.

Also I've had problems with Battlefield 2, yep the famous crash to desktop problem. After 2-10min avg the game crashes to desktop with no error report. I'm very well aware of Bf2 CTD, but what I don't understand is Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source work fine on highest settings with no lag on my laptop, and so did the Bf2 demo. So why Bf2? Is this a driver issue?(my video card doesn't seem to get hot at all)

Also at this time I'm using driver version

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Thanks for the help.

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From the LV2Go Recommended Drivers list, I'm thinking of downloading the 84.63 driver and before doing so I wanted to make sure if it will work right on the go 7300. Sorry for complacating the matter, but just want to make sure the same crash wont happen on my laptop as the 91.45 driver caused.

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It will work 100% fine...If it doesn't, then the problem is you :)

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